desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Friday, October 2, 2009

The countdown begins .....

A packet of info is to be on our doorstep by Monday laying out all the details of our "schooling" from the recruiter at Con-Way trucking. Hopefully all is in order and by next Friday we'll be packin'.

The initial shock of being away from home for over 2 months has settled and anticipation is beginning to take its place. We'll be 170 miles from my youngest daughter and her family (including my 2 grandkids...YUP, you too Russ ;-) so ... no matter where I seem to roam....loved ones are there!

Nothing new is ever easy, or comfortable, but standing on the edge of breaking through your comfort zone ..... now that's an adrenaline rush, with a twinge of WTF am I doing!!!????? ;-)
I hope I shall always be the one who "leaps" with faith, instead of a fearful bystander.

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