A room with a view

A room with a view
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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Simple Acts of Living Fully

Re-inventing one’s lifestyle is exhilarating, exciting & exhausting. 

For adrenaline junkies like us it’s dang-neared a necessity

It’s been a doozy of a ride the last 10 years as we ping-ponged from city to mountain dwellers, then RV nomads to sit-still on 10 acres house tenants. 

It certainly weeds out what gets your heart a-pumpin’ and excited about crawlin’ out of bed every morning from the hum-drum, going through the motions BS that slinks into our lives and steals our youthful sense of wonder and the optimism that accompanies it!

There is a Reason for each Season of Life and these past 5 months surrounded by the simplest of Mother Nature’s creations is a solid reminder of just how miraculous, yet fragile, it all is.

Seasons come and seasons go but through each and every seemingly insane change there are the rock-solid parts of Fully Living that never alter. 

Each easily forgotten in the “more is better” 21st century.

Let’s not forget.

For in the forgetting is a loss that can never be recovered.
Loss of a sense of purpose….

I’ve discovered that the more distance I put between myself and “change”, the more disconnected from “purpose” I become.  Not true for everyone, just my personal upside down personality trait.  A discovery I wish I’d have gotten in touch with in my youth but alas, a “better late than never” will apply here and I’ll leave it at that. 

Fortunately for me, I stumbled across a partner that seems to be as addicted to living on the other side of the traditional box as I.  
Thank you David, Love You Mighty.

And so, there it is.  Babble and nonsense from a delusional senior citizen who forgets her age until she orders off the Senior's Menu! 

Speaking of menus!  Here’s one I refer to as needed. 

Every menu choice is A’ la carte & Free of Charge, regardless of age.
Bon App├ętit! 

Menu of Simple Acts for Living Fully

Wear overalls often

Pet every dog that crosses your path (after asking their Person for permission)

Eat REAL butter not the fake stuff

Sit in the sun

Walk in the rain

Roll down the windows when passing a fresh cut alfalfa field

Rise before the sun and savor dawn’s early light

Learn to cherish memories and not cling to them

Grow something that blooms


Eat REAL cheese not the fake stuff

Send a card

Write & mail a letter

Make bread from scratch (bread machines are cheating!)

Light a candle, say a prayer

Be still

Climb stairs while you still can


Take naps

Fully taste the ecstasy in that first fresh-brewed cup of morning coffee

Hammer a nail

Saw some wood  

Dig in the dirt with your bare hands

Most of all, be thankful for all of the above and every teeny, tiny seemingly insignificant thing written between the lines of your life.
For none of it is insignificant

None of it

Sunday, June 18, 2017


I am 63 years-old today.

My Spirit is about 35 years-old.

Not sure what to do about that gap in reality, so I’ll just roll with it.

I shall celebrate today!

For truth be told, I am a miracle!

A survivor of so much more than anyone knows.

More than anyone needs to know.

For truth be told, the most wicked, yet most meaningful of battles, are never meant to be shared…even on Facebook. ;-)  

For the strength of the lesson learned is often lost in the telling.

And I suspect, the most difficult, but the most rewarding lessons (if I choose to make them such) are yet to come.

So even though the sagging thighs, upper arms, neckline, eye lids, jowls and the ever-increasing road map of lines on my face, remind me of my 63 years, I shall not let them define Me.

So, I shall just get on with it! This screwy thing we call “life” that spins out of control taking you from 35 to 63 before you’ve even had time to catch your breath.

Dance until the music stops…

Then take a break, breathe deep, stand tall..

and when the band starts up again, show ‘em what you’ve got!!!!

Happy Birth Day to us all, for everyday is a rebirth. 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Gratitude and Grace

Gratitude is a glass-half-full kind of attitude.

It wraps itself around you and brings other positive “friends” like contentment, a balanced Spirit and loving acceptance.

Yes, Gratitude is a companion I can count on again, and again, and again.

And then there is Grace.

Grace doesn’t come to me as easily.

I stumble along and kick poor Grace in the face often.

She (yes, I’m giving this behavior a female energy) nips at my heels like an attention starved puppy and never lets me forget she’s always present, but I still stumble and kick and try to deny she’s necessary.

Poor Grace has to fight for every second of recognition she can get.
The move from Arizona to Wyoming was filled with many grateful moments and Grace even found her way into the process a time or two.

I believe the time has come to get better acquainted with Grace and perhaps carry her beside me rather than kick her to the curb.

I did hold Grace very closely the day before we left Arizona when I received an email from my 7-year Internet Assessor job employer saying how valuable I had been the last 7years because of my exceptional level of high quality work, but because of circumstances beyond their control, my services were no long needed, my employment would end March 31st, and of course, they wished me luck in whatever future path I decided to take.

Well shit!!! Homeless AND unemployed was not in my plan.

On our way to Wyoming, I received a conference phone call from them, all the way from Dublin, Ireland where the company Internet Assessor head quarters is located, and again they expressed their regret, appreciation for my outstanding work and I was informed of a small bonus I’d be given in addition to my last monthly paycheck.
I was VERY Graceful and thanked them for 7 good years and even praised them for the improvements made to the program over those years. I think they expected an angry, confused, combative response and receiving just the opposite left them a bit speechless.

I rather enjoyed that part.

Funny how Grace takes away the defensive sparing matches situations like this often become.
So our adventure began…

To come would be a 10-day stay at a friendly but so-so motel, the disappointment of having the home we wanted to rent being taken already (or so it seemed) and the available rentals in Cody, WY were few, far between and the outlook was rather dismal.

After a disappointing day of looking at 1 rental, a throwback to the 70’s that smelled like old memories gone rancid, we scheduled a showing of a guesthouse that wasn’t really what we were looking for but it was out of town a few miles, the price was right, it was furnished and utilities were included in the rent.

Then came “the” phone call informing us that the person who had been approved to rent the home we had our hearts set on couldn’t come up with the security deposit for another week and technically it was still open for other applications. In other words, whomever came up with the security $$$ first, won!

The rest is history and here we are.

Did approaching what seemed like a troublesome job loss with Grace bring this “gift” to us?
Hmmmm… perhaps, perhaps not.

Certainly food for thought though.

Regardless, my gratitude cup runneth over and I'm trying very hard to keep Grace within arm's reach as we carry on in this new journey.

If you follow numerology you know it's a "1" year, which means it's a time when things that no longer serve you will come to an end, leaving the door open for new opportunities that will.

all I've got to say about that is....
the door's open, so come on positive opportunities!  I've left the fire burnin' for ya!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Live Until You Run Out of Breath!

Today’s the day our home-on-8-wheels became someone else’s 45-foot dream come true.

Being the true Gemini I am, my feelings were mixed.

The “twin” that gets nervous when change rears its ugly head is sniffling and being sentimental but the “twin” that has itchy feet and a short attention span is doing cartwheels and dancing a jig.

Such is the inner child of a bi-polar Spirit.

I admit, I nearly shed a tear or two as the Mighty Motorhome, that was our safe haven these last 4+ years, was getting ready to roar away with a new driver behind the wheel, bound for San Antonio. God Speed and safe travels to the new owner. May your priceless memories be many and your repair bills small.

BUT, in the blink of a tear-filled eye, I was ready to face-forward and get on to the next adventure!

A couple of days to clean up the details of “movin’ on” before picking up a U-Haul Trailer Monday and hittin’ the road to Cody, WY on Tuesday.

Only the mode of transportation has changed, not the adrenaline rush junky Spirit that drives it.

Yes, we are technically homeless again, so first thing on our lengthy list is to find a house to rent.

Second, we haven’t a stick of furniture, so that will be the next order of business to tackle.

To be continued…….In the meantime, remember;

Live until you run out of breath! 

Even then, the next adventure is just on the other side of forever.

P.S.  This afternoon, after I wrote this, I learned of the passing of a former classmate and friend.  May her forever adventure be as special and loving as she was.  Godspeed my forever friend.    

Monday, March 13, 2017

Again, Livin' On a Hope and a Prayer

So, it’s 3:10 A.M. and like the insane disciplined worker I am, I have arisen at this ungodly hour to complete a half days’ worth of work before the day begins for most others.

Alas, the work bucket is empty and I am left with a full pot of fresh brewed coffee, a brain that is wide awake, no work to complete (or get paid for) and a sunrise that’s at least 3 hours away. Cheez!

I guess it’s a fitting start to a week of transition and new beginnings.

We hand off the motorhome to its new owner Saturday, and with a bit of luck, good weather & U-Haul in tow, will be on the road to Cody, WY next week.

Again, livin’ on a hope and a prayer.

Hopin’ to find a nice house with a garage to rent for a reasonable price and praying for a safe journey! Not too much to ask is it?

Yes, it’s still winter in the wide open spaces of Wyoming. Most folks in our sunny Southwest home cringe when we tell them we’re moving to Wyoming. Just the thought of the wicked winters causes them to shiver and make a “that medicine tastes yucky” face.

Again, I am swimming upstream while the rest of the world floats with the flow. A direction I’ve grown very familiar with.

I guess I’ve come to a point in my life when raw wide-open-spaces trumps over-crowded, over-populated, over-consumed retiree living. Unfortunately, most of the habitable Southwest has become just that.

The road to Wyoming may be paved with ice, snow and blustery winds in the wintertime but maybe that’s what keeps it so well preserved and prevents the rest of the world from trampling it to death. In a world of less people, rivers and skies remain clean, trout plentiful and wildlife abundant.

Don’t misunderstand, Arizona will always have my heart but it’s breaking my heart to witness it being consumed and picked to the bone by the masses.

When treasure is discovered everyone wants a gold coin or two and I’m eternally grateful for the riches Arizona has blessed me with but wealth is not based on sunshine alone and treasure comes in more forms than gold.

Perhaps it’s seeking treasure, rather than the treasure itself, that’s the most appealing and the seeker in me never rests.


Monday, February 27, 2017

Locked and Loaded!

Sometimes the most innocent of acts takes an unexpected turn.

Back in the day, before my 2 youngest brothers were old enough to join us, my brother Tim and I were the masters of our own activities, especially in the summer when days were long and countless acres of open farmland served as our playground.

Since I was clearly the boss (or so I thought) because of my almost 2 ½ years of seniority most daily activities centered around my preferences and the choices usually included our collection of what now would be considered extremely dangerous weapons like BB guns, bow and arrows, slingshots, homemade spears and the like. BUT there were definite boundaries on when, where and on what we could inflict damage with these so called weapons AND if we crossed ANY of these boundaries the consequences were harsh and non-negotiable.

Fair game for BB guns were targets of both the paper and beer can type, sparrows, blackbirds, rabbits, squirrels, and just for fun, to make chickens squawk and step lively (this was done when mom and dad were not watching because the boundary on this activity was a bit gray.)

Alas, one day temptation raised its ugly head and a big, fat easy target robin presented itself, well within bulls eye range on an electric line. I don’t remember who pulled the trigger (or denial has overpowered my memory) but I do remember we both were hypnotized by the too-good-to-be-passed-up opportunity and the forbidden songbird was slain. Before its lifeless body hit the ground I’m sure both my brother and I we thinking, “CRAP! We’re in for the hide tannin’ of our lives now!”

I also remember that partaking in this forbidden action didn’t taste nearly as sweet as I had imagined. In fact it was totally lacking in the victorious joy and jubilant pride I was expecting.

I felt like a coward. 

We quickly gathered the evidence and found a secluded spot among the elm trees in the shelter belt to dig a shallow grave and carefully concealed the spot with an appropriate amount of twigs and leaves.

My shame was heavy.

I suppose you could say it was my first conscious lesson in think before you act, or speak, because once the trigger is pulled there’s no going back and most likely, the victory is fleeting and the prize is only an illusion.

Of course, forbidden fruit has crossed my path many times since then. I’ve repeatedly exercised my free will to pick it, eat it and ultimately puke it back up and the taste is just as bitter today as it was over a half century ago.

Weapons are just that … weapons.

Powerless in their own right, only in the hands of a “mindful” creature do they act as a catalyst of power.

Blaming the weapon and not assigning all of the responsibility to the individual in possession is like assigning guilt to a billboard advertising a new car when someone is killed in a freeway accident by someone who purchased that new car. OK, maybe not a stellar example but you get the gist.

Whether it’s harsh words, a box cutter or a semi-automatic rifle, choose your weapons wisely.

More importantly, aim and fire like your life depends on it, because it does!

Some things can never be undone, and when the smoke clears, all you’re left with is the heavy burden of shame and the memory of a shallow, hastily dug grave in a distant shelter belt on a farm in northeast Nebraska and one less beautiful song being sung.

Lesson learned but never forgotten…

Monday, December 26, 2016

Happy “You’re Awesome” New Year!

So here we are, at the cusp of a New Year. 

Already tsunami-sized amounts of information are drowning us in messages that say we could be slimmer, smarter, younger looking, healthier and sexier if we invest in a weight-loss program, latest & greatest “smart” phone, miracle ingredient wrinkle cream or that sports car you always dreamed of. 

In a subliminal way we’re being told we’re “lesser than” and could magically be transformed into a more streamlined socially acceptable version of ourselves. 

What a bunch of hooey! 

Yeah, I could be a few pounds lighter, my overpriced/overrated year-old phone could be updated, my ever increasing amount of grey hair & sagging skin screams “YES, you are beginning to look like your Grandmother” and that breathtaking sleek, shiny hunk of technology on wheels that passed me on the Interstate last week (while I was trying to find 6th gear in our bare-bones manual transmission Jeep) was motorized eye candy and propelled my envy level into the stratosphere but we were waiting at the same traffic light a few miles down the road AND the Jeep’s paid for! 

Point being, don’t buy into the “lesser than” message! 

Don’t hesitate to treat yourself to the finer things in life but let the end result be; “Gosh, I make this new sports car look good” rather than, “Gosh, this sports car makes me look good!” 

Own your Personal Power. 

It’s your most valuable possession. Don’t surrender it to anything, or anybody, that bases their worth on undervaluing yours. 


Know you are part of a MUCH larger picture that stretches far beyond our limited understanding.

Make 2017 the year you wrap your arms around the world and celebrate YOU!

Blessings & massive amounts of love to you all......

Oregon Shenanigans

Wyoming Range Mountains

Wyoming Range Mountains

Warren Bridge Campground, Daniel, WY

Outside Cody, WY

Daniel Bridge Campground, Daniel, WY

Daniel Bridge Campground, Daniel, WY

Catalina State Park, Tucson, AZ

Bannack State Park, Bannack, Montana

Can't even remember where this was???

Crown King, AZ - Becky's "Goat Shed"

Beep-Beep - Catalina State Park, Tucson, AZ

Early morning Quartzsite, AZ

Little Big Horn