desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Re-invention of ones' income producing skills is quite overwhelming. I'm evaluating the "real" potential of copywriting as I've known it for the last 15 years and realizing it's quite outdated in the form(s) that have so faithfully served me.

NOT that copywritng itself is "outdated"! The art of writing will always be a communication to be held in high esteem, but it seems as though HOW that communication is presented to consumers has shifted to the electronic age, like most other modes of communication.

Mobile forms of "speaking" (computers, cell/smart phones etc....) to people still requires someone to WRITE what needs to be read or spoken. So to speak :-)

How does one effectively use blogging as a marketing tool or Facebook or Twitter? I know how to PERSONALLY initiate all the aforementioned but how the heck can it be utilized to grow a business? How DOES one write a result producing blog?
Hmm...I have much homework to do.

What I have discovered so far thru browsing websites focusing on "social media marketing, blogging, etc. ) that delights me is .... folks are tired of the same blah, blah, blah marketing Hoo-ha (YAY!)

They want out-of-the-box creativity in a simple, direct form (again YAY!). Consumers are more intelligent and informed then EVER before and if you're going to speak to them about spending their hard earned cash, you have to teach them something they didn't already know, mainly to reinforce your credibility, or validate what they already know so they believe they are making an intelligent choice. "Ah-Ha" moments will never go out of style!

As newspapers around the world are shutting down (most recently the East Vally Tribune located in Mesa) one must wonder ... if you can't pick up a newspaper on the corner anymore, where DO you go to stay in the know?

You go where the info is ... the Internet.

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