desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Saturday, April 13, 2013

“Don't be afraid to try something new. An amateur built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic.” ….. unknown

Has it really been almost 5 months since the house sold and this RV “plan” jumped onto the reality train?
Holy Moly Macaroni!  

A couple of lifetimes worth of learning, fixing, learning again, fixing again, packing, un-packing and then learning it all over again with some “oh my God isn’t that sunrise incredible!” moments thrown it. 
And now in 6 days we’re heading into virgin territory again, the camp host life in Montana.  I’ve mentioned it a few times throughout but I’ll get into some details now.  

Dave actually found the position through the workampers website  It’s a membership type of thing where you join and then have access to jobs available which pay anything from a free RV space and utilities to free space/utilities and some $$$$.  It works just like any job search.   You apply, send in a resume and then wait.  

Dave got lots of calls back cuz they like his “retired Forest Service” status on the resume so we are definitely one of the lucky ones thanks to his career choice!  We chose the position in Montana because it’s an area we wanted to explore, it’s GREAT motorcycle riding & fishing country and the internet signal is strong (unfortunately my internet based job has to continue as usual).  

A few years ago we took a bike trip that took us through Glacier National Park & I vowed to return because it’s the most breath-taking unspoiled landscape I’ve ever seen and nowwe’re going to be living on the Western border of the park.  Hmmm the power of “intent”, never underestimate it.  

So, on with the job description.
Here’s the park’s website:
It’s a small campground with only 25 spaces but the Ranger who’s been our contact (he’s the fella who’s picture is on the website) says it’s BUSY all year long because of the location.  We’re required to work Thurs., Fri. & Sat., 8-hour days and do everything from register guests to security and cleaning bathrooms.  We’ll have a week-long orientation the week of May 13th & will get all the details and I’m sure some training.  Dave & I can split up the work however we choose.  He can work ‘em all or I can or we can split it up.  There will be other camp hosts sharing the remaining days of the week.  In return we get our space, utilities and internet.

And now the time has finally come to put the polish on our last days’ preparations to REALLY hit the road & accumulate some authentic RV lifestyle mileage points!  

Dave has started picking out some layover locations on our journey since we’re allowing for extra sightseeing time on our way North and of course it’s still winter up there so weather will play a major role on our timing and route. 

I’ve been sitting with my face in a computer screen 18 hours a day slamming in extra hours so I won’t need to work along the way (don’t need THAT distraction!) and we won’t have to be concerned about internet signal which is a real pain in the rear cuz most scenic out-of-the-way places are not in the Internet Signal Twilight Zone.  AND I’m having an intense teeth cleaning before we head down the road (oh joy!) since I had some abscess issues a few weeks ago that have now subsided.  A little preventative maintenance goes a long way sometimes!
OK, so that’s the low-down on the Montana gig.

For now we’re parked Northeast of Prescott Valley at the Fairgrounds RV Park with plans to pull out Friday the 19th.  Wagons HO!
Any of you local Prescott area folks, if-n’ ya want to stop by while we’re in the neighborhood just shoot me a message so we can make sure we’re home and you’re welcome to come on over for a visit. 

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow mindedness.  Broad, wholesome, charitable views cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth.”-

……..Mark Twain

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