desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Moab Utah ROCKS! And rocks and MORE rocks!

Wed. morning, April 24, 2013

Moab, Utah

Never been here but it’s a WOW for sure!

Red vermillion cliffs that make Sedona’s red rocks seem pretty wimpy and even though it’s early in the tourist season the town and campgrounds are packed.  This is an outdoors lovers Mecca, a utopia of open land for quads, dirt bikes, bicyclists, hikers, bikers and just plain ol’ sightseers. 
The site they reserved for us in the campground was too small and because there’s a classic car show this weekend they’re booked but they did find us a space for last night and tonight but we have to move to the site next to us tomorrow for our final night here.  NOT complaining tho cuz our windshield faces wide open spaces complete with a view of snowcapped mountains and a double stone arch that’s visible in the distance that’s just one of many natural stone arches in Arches National Park.  Bonus!

We did drive through Arches National Park yesterday in the pickup with plans to take the bikes thru before we leave on Friday.  It’s “Fee Free” week at all National Parks this week so it was super busy.

Wed. afternoon, April 24, 2013

Took off on the bikes about 11 A.M. to do some exploring & it was overcast but in the 60’s, good enough!

We cruised about 15 miles down Highway 128 that follows the Colorado River.  Steep red rock cliffs towered on both sides of us with the river immediately on our left.  Just enough curves to make it interesting and campgrounds scattered along the entire route right on the river’s edge. About a half mile from where we turned around was a huge vineyard, winery, restaurant and cabins for rent.  Sweet setting!

Next we took a tour of an area in Arches National Park that we didn’t drive through yesterday and what a jaw dropping experience!  I won’t even try to describe it, just posting some pics here.

By the time we got back to the campground the skies had cleared and once again blue skies all ‘round!

Tomorrow I’m planning to explore downtown Moab that’s filled with quaint tourist shops and coffee houses while Dave hangs out with Willy and does “guy stuff” (whatever that may be!)

Friday will be a travel day and if the weather report holds out & gives us good weather like it’s saying now, it looks like we’ll be able to go through Colorado and get as far as the Little Big Horn battle site in Wyoming.

Fingers crossed!

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