desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Glass of Wine instead of a dialog of whine

If you’re an avid news watcher and believe only what is reported it’s easy to buy into the notion that the human race has evolved into a “” stage where corruption, betrayal and extreme violence rule.

I humbly beg to differ.

Many Unsung Heroes walk among us
Silent Saints who shun headlines
Seeking only the gratification of “doing the right thing” 
Lending a helping hand
A kind word
A hug
A smile

A Glass of Wine instead of a dialog of whine

Walking Their Talk one step at a time secure in the Knowing that ultimately we’re all connected Souls and a disservice to One is a disservice to All. 

BRV (before RV’ing) I had the privilege of walking among many Silent Saints and a few of them I even came to know well and continue to include them in my Eternal Circle of Friends. 

ARV (afterRV’ing) I’ve crossed paths with many new acquaintances who qualify as Silent Saints and the list continues to grow and grow and grow. 

Some are outgoing and immediately surround you with their “glow”.
Some keep their distance and subtly gift you with peaceful, loving energies through a shared sense that may involve a musical instrument, poem or even an object they physically touched before you. 

Never discount the power of this silent majority for they have inherited the Earth and are the caretakers of our future.

“Silent Participant” seems like an oxymoron but it’s a protective cloak that empowers the Warrior within. 

And personally …. I’d gladly trade in a bucket of whine for a glass of wine anytime!


  1. Well said, Becky! We so identify with many of your thoughts and sentiments expressed here, and consider ourselves fortunate to view the world in a similar way and count our blessings. We will raise a glass of wine to you (and Dave) and say thanks for your friendship. You, too, are some of those Silent Saints you wrote about :) Be well! Hugs, D & T

  2. Always a treat to hear from you T & D! Hope all is well with you! We're getting our maintenance done and itchin' to meet up with you sometime in June.
    Keep doin' what you're doin' and bein' who you are fellow road warriors!! Love & Hugs.....
    Keep on Wine'ing! ;-)