desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Saturday, January 9, 2016

More is Better????

Dave & I have bought our lottery tickets and of course this led to a conversation of what we’d do with hundreds-of- millions-of-dollars, minus taxes of course. 

What would you do with that much $?

Seriously, my mind was blank.

My 1st thought was to find a REALLY GOOD HONEST financial advisor.  I already have a top notch tax advisor so I think I’d ask him for a recommendation. 

I thought and thought and thought but ultimately could only think of people I’d share with.  Family, long time friends and people who took the time and energy to share their lives with me selflessly, asking and expecting nothing in return, especially in those times when I had nothing to give back.

I thought of all the “pay it forward” acts that amount of cash would create, like giving deserving folks a helping hand, instead of a hand out.  

 I’d definitely continue to live this RV lifestyle we’ve settled in to.  I’d even keep the same motorhome just because it’s home and a dang good one!  Perhaps I’d replace the carpet in the front with some nice tile or laminate flooring and change out all the gold hardware, light fixtures and faucets with a less gaudy color.  

A new bedspread would be nice. 

I’m sure Dave would have a maintenance supply list a few miles long.

OK, only $800,000,000 to go.

We’d take the motorhome on a leisurely trip to Alaska and Dave could show me the sights of his former home of 13 or so years.

We’d go to Hawaii so Dave could see Pearl Harbor and the USS Missouri.  He’d get lost in the history like I did.

We’d go to New York City so Dave could see the 9/11 museum, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Empire State Building and Wall Street.  He’d get lost in the history like I did.

We’d spend days visiting Civil War battlefields, museums and old cemeteries. 

Not so different than the things we do now, minus the concern of how empty the cookie jar is, or will be.

I’d rent that little house on Mission Beach in San Diego where girlfriends and I would meet every year until life changed and the tradition faded away.  We’d regroup, revisit our old house on the beach and time would stand still for a bit.

I’d buy some good boots and not look at the price tag.

I’d write whenever the mood hit instead of rushing to the computer every morning to work so I could pay for my insurance, groceries, gasoline and day-to-day necessities. 

I’d buy myself some power tools and build Funky Junky repurposed stuff like I used to in my little ranch bunkhouse shop, before Funky Junky repurposed stuff was cool. 

My grandkids would have college funds.

We’d have motorcycles again, perhaps a couple.  ;-)

My mom would have a little home in southern Arizona so she could sit in the sun during the winter months.

Hmmmm….my list is getting longer isn’t it?

Well, I’ll let you all know how it all turns out.

And to whom ever becomes the “winner”, my wish for you is to have your money serve you well instead of you serving your money. 

In the meantime ….
Willy has been up most of the night puking and nothing keeps you humble like following your dog around in the wee morning hours with a roll of paper towels sopping up vomit. 



  1. Oh Becky, wouldn't it be grand , not being grand. Helping those close to us and soaking up all those little things that make life good. Great work...I should go buy a ticket...

  2. It would be grand, not being
    grand....and just Be. Hope you bought your ticket!