desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Thursday, July 7, 2016

This Is My Song

My Grandma Tucker loved to sing and tirelessly tried to convince me (and the other Grandkids also I’m sure) what an excellent voice she had.  She’d slip back through time and reminisce about singing in the church and high school choirs as a girl. 

 (Don't know who the 1st two people on the L are) 3rd from the left Grandma Tucker's sister Dolly, Grandpa Tucker, Grandma Tucker, (Grandma's parents) Great Grandma Powell holding Uncle Erv, Great Grandpa Powell

She would sit on the edge of an old piano bench that shared space with its companion, an old upright piano, originally purchased for my Uncle Bob when he was a boy, and sing a tune from times gone by from memory. 

Her voice would crack and the high notes were kind of like nails across a chalkboard but I would clap and ask her to sing another tune because I loved the joy it brought into her eyes that were beginning to show the cloudy telltale signs of old age. 

To this day I swear I saw the wispy form or a young, vibrant, bright-eyed girl flicker and fade around Grandma as she sang. 

You see, it wasn’t what I heard that was important.  It’s what I saw that made Grandma’s song so special 

It was the doorway to Her Soul.

It was the vibration of her Spirit reaching out to me. 

It was a stairway of invisible notes that began in her heart and ended in mine.

Her song….

Flash forward 50+ years and I can still hear, see and feel those memories with a clarity that is rather unsettling. 

The power of Grandma’s Song not only defined who she was and who she became, but also projected a vision of the person she felt I had the potential to become. 

A timeless message wrapped in a simple melody given to me as a forever gift.

The other day, as Dave and I hiked through the amazing countryside of Wyoming’s Bridger Wilderness in the Bridger Teton National Forest Grandma’s Song came to mind and I became aware that I’m living with My Song wrapped all around me now.

The power of Grandma’s Song has become mine. 

As a child and young adult I believed that I had no voice. 

Turns out I was mistaken. 

I have so very much to say….

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