desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Through My Eyes

If I had a dime for every amazing scene my eyes have witnessed, I’d rival Warren Buffet in wealth.

Not just the last 4 years as an RV gypsy, but throughout my lifetime.

I’ve been blessed beyond reason and for that I am thankful beyond words.

And now, the saga continues…..

We left Arizona last spring with the intent of selling our beastly home-on-wheels once our Wyoming volunteer position was complete. Our focus was to buy some property in AZ and downsize to a much smaller RV with the ongoing intent of traveling north in the summer. Well, after doing more research on “retirement friendly” states (such as state income taxes, property taxes, vehicle registration fees, insurance, etc.), a mind-shift took place and the focus has flipped. Now the quest is to find property near Cody, WY and become true snowbirds and travel south in the winter.

So it begins…. Our home is officially for sale.

Game on.

We had found a nice 5-acre property a few miles outside of Cody with a small ranch-hand house before we left WY that we hoped would “wait for us” until our home sold, but alas, an offer has been made and it seems as though the timing isn’t going to work in our favor.

Trust the timing & honor the outcome.

And so I leave you with a collage of memories as seen through my eyes, in no particular order.

P.S. as I type there is a segment of Forest Gump on TV and it’s the part where Forest is running cross-country and a reporter is asking him, “why are you doing this?” and Forest replies, “I just felt like running.” It made me laugh out loud!

For those of you who are asking, “why are you doing this?” Forest’s reply is perfect!! We just felt like trying it!

Dance the tango when the only dance steps you know are the two-step.

Jump into the deep end of the pool when you’ve only practiced swimming where you can touch the bottom.

Stand up when everyone else is sitting down.

Sleep all day and stay up all night just to experience how different it feels.

Not because it’s easy, but because you can.

Easy doesn’t build warriors and the world needs more warriors.

Keep fighting the good fight my friends and Warrior On!

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