desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Monday, December 26, 2016

Happy “You’re Awesome” New Year!

So here we are, at the cusp of a New Year. 

Already tsunami-sized amounts of information are drowning us in messages that say we could be slimmer, smarter, younger looking, healthier and sexier if we invest in a weight-loss program, latest & greatest “smart” phone, miracle ingredient wrinkle cream or that sports car you always dreamed of. 

In a subliminal way we’re being told we’re “lesser than” and could magically be transformed into a more streamlined socially acceptable version of ourselves. 

What a bunch of hooey! 

Yeah, I could be a few pounds lighter, my overpriced/overrated year-old phone could be updated, my ever increasing amount of grey hair & sagging skin screams “YES, you are beginning to look like your Grandmother” and that breathtaking sleek, shiny hunk of technology on wheels that passed me on the Interstate last week (while I was trying to find 6th gear in our bare-bones manual transmission Jeep) was motorized eye candy and propelled my envy level into the stratosphere but we were waiting at the same traffic light a few miles down the road AND the Jeep’s paid for! 

Point being, don’t buy into the “lesser than” message! 

Don’t hesitate to treat yourself to the finer things in life but let the end result be; “Gosh, I make this new sports car look good” rather than, “Gosh, this sports car makes me look good!” 

Own your Personal Power. 

It’s your most valuable possession. Don’t surrender it to anything, or anybody, that bases their worth on undervaluing yours. 


Know you are part of a MUCH larger picture that stretches far beyond our limited understanding.

Make 2017 the year you wrap your arms around the world and celebrate YOU!

Blessings & massive amounts of love to you all......

Oregon Shenanigans

Wyoming Range Mountains

Wyoming Range Mountains

Warren Bridge Campground, Daniel, WY

Outside Cody, WY

Daniel Bridge Campground, Daniel, WY

Daniel Bridge Campground, Daniel, WY

Catalina State Park, Tucson, AZ

Bannack State Park, Bannack, Montana

Can't even remember where this was???

Crown King, AZ - Becky's "Goat Shed"

Beep-Beep - Catalina State Park, Tucson, AZ

Early morning Quartzsite, AZ

Little Big Horn

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  1. Hey, you guys might want to hide all the good stuff because rumor has it strangers may be stopping in for a visit at the park. Not going to say who but someone!!!!
    Hope all is well, Dave & Diane