desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Friday, October 9, 2009

THE day has arrived ... like it wouldn't or something.

As I sit in my comfy "office" apartment typing these words sitting on the cusp of drastic change, I think of ancestors long passed and how they must have felt when they packed up their meager possessions in a covered wagon and left all they had ever known in hopes of being able to grasp hold of a "better" life (whatever that may have meant to each of them). And here I sit, butterflies in my stomach even though I will still have my "home" and a vehicle that will carry me to my destination in a matter of hours rather then month upon month.

How things HAVE changed over the centuries....and how they have NOT.

For as we all sit in our "comfy" worlds, yet unsatisfied with what we have or do not have, what is it in us that motivates a life-altering change more then the desire to re-claim ones-self? It really isn't about paying the rent or buying that new car, it's about knowing our own Spirit and when we're in danger of extinguishing the flame that makes Kinna like the pilot light is flickering a bit..and ya' need to protect it...get out of the elements that seek to snuff it out.....and just BURN again. Burn blue and clean and HOT! Yeah...kinna like that.

hummm.....OK, enough deep thinking..have work to do, places to go and a new adventure to embark on.

As Arny so dramatically said...."I'll be BACK"!!!

B~ ;-)

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