desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Holy Moly Macaroni....almost ready to skee-daddle outta here! ;-)

Ya' gotta be a paper trail master in this whole Con-Way/Crowder College truck driving student process. Income tax records, physicals, driving records, DMV calls with the same questions asked by 3 people already. Heck take my blood too! Oh yea...that happens the 1st week of class. :-)

Ain't the same "hop in a truck and head down the road" world it used to be and I'm thankful for it. This company isn't hiring ANYONE who isn't physically and mentally fit, has a bad driving record or hasn't been financially responsible. At least from what I've seen the last 2-3 weeks. Con-Way DOES need serious help with the info packets they send out to students. Outdated material, conflicting info....YIKES the marketing person in me is cringing!

Must dip into my Helken & Horn ad agency personality one more time this morning as I tie up loose ends with my last vanishing client. Must say .... my focus is not the best as I go down that path. It's served me well while it lasted (alas, such is life in general)but another calling echoes in the distance.

Let's get this last day, before the FIRST DAY....started!!

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