desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hello Neosho, Missouri! We have arrived.

Woke up to fog, fog, fog in Amarillo, TX this morning. Dave took the 1st driving shift and took us thru Texas (and the fog... yuk). My turn to drive took us thru Oklahoma City & Tulsa which is really quite pretty..lots of trees and green which us AZ folks aren't used to. ;-) Dave took the wheel about an hour outside Neosho and navigated us to the Boonslick lodge.

Fall is just starting to show its colors here...quite stunning. Cooler then we're used to this time of the 50's. YES we're spoiled! (I hear Nebraska is buried in snow as I type this...YUK...Double YUK!!)

Tomorrow is a day to find the Crowder College, where our class begins Monday and a Wal-Mart trip (which is across the street) to stock up on some food and "stuff". At this point it just feels like we're on vacation ... I'm SURE that is going to change by Monday when the real work begins. I'm gonna enjoy it while it lasts!

Our accomodations here at the "Lodge" are average motel digs..nothing fancy but entirely functional for our needs. Plenty of room, fridge and microwave and a BATHTUB! YAY!! Free breakfasts, hot tubs, Internet. Large capacity coin-op washer & dryer ... all the amenities of a home-away-from-home. Good thing we're used to livin' in that small apartment huh??? Makes a motel room seem totally A-OK. we were packing the car getting ready to leave Amarillo this morning, a chatty older gentleman started a conversation and has a friend living in Prescott. Cheezzzzz....what a deal! AND we're having dinner tonight with some friends who just happen to be passin' thru. What a hoot huh? Life's all about the timing...amazing...simply amazing.

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