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Sunday, October 11, 2009

The young couple who team drives for Con-Way, whom Dave met thru their blog site and we spoke to before deciding to began this venture, stopped in Neosho on their way back home to Phoenix last night and we got a chance to visit with them. They've driven for only 10 months and were looking VERY forward to their first 7 days in a row at home since they started driving. Enjoy your home time Darrel and Mary!

Our 1st full day here and a true "settling in" has begun. ;-)

Found Crowder College where our classes are, only 10 minutes away. Drove to Joplin (only about 17 miles away) and found the Con-Way Truckload headquarers. VERY impressive and VERY large. Much more "corporate" looking then I'd expected. And lots of Reeallllyy BIG TrUcKs!

Bought some insulated overalls at Tractor Supply in Joplin this afternoon. (Coordinates nicely with the Dickies coat I purchased at Alco in CV last week) I feel like such a farmer!!! BUT I'll be the best dressed trucker chick in class and WARM when the cold, humid winds blows while we're standing outside doing all that trucker "stuff". ;-)

Did major shopping at Wal-mart tonight to fill up our fridge in the motel room and stock up on some microwave food. Believe it or not, it's feelin' pretty home-like tonight. Not like the "real thing" but becoming a short-term substitute one step at a time.

The guy of another Con-Way team Dave met via the Internet and met one afternoon at Cordes Junction, called him today and invited us to their home in Joplin if we get bored. He was on the road but his wife isn't driving now cuz she's dealing with tendinitus and is resting up at home. He even offered his garage to us if we had riden the motorcycles here. Even as "newbies" we're being welcomed ..... nice!

Ok, first day of class at 7:30 A.M. Better get my sorry self ready for a good nights sleep.

Here we go.....................

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