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Only One
Only One

Monday, October 12, 2009

Up with the 5:30 AM alarm .... plug in the coffee pot, shower know the drill.

More clouds, light rain and drizzle greeted us as we point the 'stang toward Crowder College shortly after 7 AM to officially begin our 5-week challenge.

Small class, 4 guys and 2 of us gals and a couple of great instructors. Both guys, I'm guessing in their 60's. Laid back but I know they're pros and won't tolerate slackers. Just a day of getting to know each other and completing paperwork, plus a drug test at a downtown med center. Did get to go over the "pre-trip" routine and do a practice session. We have a practice range to learn on, which is going to be great. The college campus and the surrounding area was orginally a military base so there are miles of old, mostly abondon paved roads that are dedicated to the truck driving classes. We can get our feet wet, learning turns etc. on roads without traffic before hitting the "real" highways next week.

I believe I'm the only one who has actually driven an 18-wheeler with a 53' trailer. BUT after 14 years, I'm not counting on that being much of a bonus. Like learnin' all over again!

Tomorrow we should get to sit behind the wheel and run thru some basics. Already have my "read 3 chapters" homework done and even though it's only 8:13 PM here, I think I'm hittin' the sack!

EXHAUSTED mind, body and soul tonight AND it's raining AGAIN! If I ever see sunshine again, I'm gonna drop to my knees and cry! ;-)


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