desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rain, RAin, RAIn, RAIN!!!! Good God Almighty get this over with so I can get out of the blasted weather!! ;-) At least when we're actually working and MOVING on the truck we can go from BAD weather to GOOD weather and not be stuck in this gloomy stuff. Whine, whine, whine....WHINE!

OK, Friday and Saturday the weather is supposed to clear up which isn't soon enough for this Arizona sunshine lover! Cheezzz.....

Quite an exciting and exhausting day. At about 9:30 this morning our instructors each got into a truck along with 3 students apiece, and we practiced driving til 4:30 this afternoon (minus an hour lunch break)

The upshifting came back to me pretty well after 14 years, but did my share of "grinding" as well. Got a "double clutching" sore leg tonight but our instructor said if we didn't, we wouldn't have been doing it right. Didn't turn sharp enough in a tight right turn and my instructor had to get out in the rain to move some cones I would have driven over, while I backed up into a better turning position...So much for makin' brownie points with him! ;-) Actually he has a great sense of humor, good thing for me! ;-) Soon I was gliding thru the same intersection with no cone fatalities. Just gonna' take practice, practice, practice......

After lunch our instructor (John) was in the truck with us for only about 30 minutes or so. The rest of the afternoon he left us drive ourselves. Now this "driving" time is on a section of deserted oil roads that was once an army base. Perfect for novice 18-wheeler drivers cuz there's no public traffic. Thick groves of trees border all the roads and it's full of deer and turkey. Even had a very healthy doe run across the road in front of the truck when I was driving. Not even the rain could diminish the magic of that "Mother Nature Moment"! Thanks Mom! ;-)

Dave & I were in seperate trucks but I was told he did well. YAY Dave!

OK...we have 5 days of class a week and 5 weeks..that makes 25 days, minus 2 days...that makes 23 more days to go!!! But who's counting!? ;-) AND...we haven't even begun to downshift or back up.....


AS Scarlett O'Hara said...."I'll think about it tomorrow!"

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