desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Friday, October 16, 2009

SORRY for the lack of blogs! Seems like we get out of class, cleaned up, eat, return some emails and it's 10PM (which is MY bedtime)!

1st week of class has been EXTREMELY challenging, fun, frustrating, stressful, enlightening and every other emotional word you can think of.

We've worked our way from upshifting, down shifting, weaving between cones, backing up straight, pre-trip inspections, coupling and uncoupling a trailer to our first "on the big & boy road" trip this afternoon. ALL slammed into 4 days. (didn't get in a truck til Tuesday) So far I have not injured or killed anyone or collided with other vehicles. (huge sigh of relief here.....)

Started the backing stuff yesterday...did fairly well staying in a straight line and even had one run where I did it pert near couldn't back 200 feet to save my soul! My brain was in FRIDAY mode and just wouldn't compute!

AND....Thursday night I forgot that I had my CDL medical card and instruction permit (both needed to drive) in my pants pocket and they both dissolved in the washer like toilet paper. I panicked....Jenn saved my butt by leaving work, running to the Prescott DMV and got the wheels rollin' (NO pun intended)to rescue me from my extra special senior moment by faxing me a copy of my permit. Shirley at PV Urgent Care also is my new hero cuz she faxed me a copy of my medical card.

BUT after I thought my worries were over I was informed that an AZ permit is not valid in Missouri and told by the college truck driving class head poo-bah today that I now have to get a Missouri Commercial Instruction Permit which involves getting a Missouri driving license AND retaking the CDL written tests, which I already took and passed in AZ. EKKKKKK!!!!

It's a LONG story with all kinds of twisty-turned scenerios involving AZ DMV and Missouri DMV and the pissing match they have goin' on and a whole lot of political BullSHIT thrown in!! BUT the alternative is to go thru the whole class, get my CDL and then have Missouri revoke my CDL license cuz they F___ked up in the first place or say to hell with you guys, I'm goin' home.

I'm caught between a rock and a Missouri/Arizona twilight zone. Thank goodness Dave doesn't have to go thru the same thing..only me cuz I spoke to the AZ DMV and that red-flagged the fact that I was using a AZ permit at a Missouri driving school. Even though we have a letter stating that we had to get permits from our state of residence AND they knew we lived in AZ, which I'm making copies of and giving to the dud who was told I have to re-test and get all this Missouri crap from.

Anyway...enough of that. I've vented and feel better. :-) Such is life in the world of those trying to "do the right thing".

TODAY THE SUN WAS SHINING!! was so wonderful I almost cried...(on top of crying when I washed all my legal driving documents down the sewer and crying AGAIN when I was told I had to re-test and get my Missouri license and permit) For crying (again, no pun intended) out loud...just call be Carolyn-Kate Tucker!!!!!!!!

TOMORROW we're going to a small town about 20 miles away and just PLAY. They're having a "Maple Leaf Festival"..parade, bands, food on the town square...kinna like Prescott. Our first relaxing day since leaving home and one we're REALLY looking forward to. Have homework over the weekend but it's on our schedule and that's SWEEEETTT!

Movin' forward...just grindin' those gears, plowing thru the hard stuff (even spittin' in it's face from time to time....) and pushing on...

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