desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Is it really 6:49 PM??????? I just got out of bed! It can't be past Noon!!!! Can there be any less time in a day? There really is no way to prepare for being away from home for 2 months is there?
OK....(deep breath................)

An early apology to those I should have seen before departure...and didn't. :-(

Ya know, you get to the point where most of the details are done and it's just time to GO? Your head is there. Your focus is there. You're so almost there, that you might as well be here. Everything but laundry, packin', givin' the ole Mustang a once over, lockin' up the homestead and bye...see ya'!

How does it all feel? Right. Just right. MUCH better then doing a Big FAT Stagnant NOTHING! I'd rather wonder where the day went then wonder when it was ever going to end. :-)

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