desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Monday, October 5, 2009

The T's are crossed and I's dotted...we're heading out Friday. Made reservations at the Boonslick Lodge for 5 weeks. They regularly provide lodging for Con-Way students taking the Crowder College truck driving class so we got a smokin' deal. YES! Even have the luxury of an in-room fridge and microwave. AND...I have 5 weeks of HOUSEKEEPING! YES! Maid service is GOOD in my world.

Fast trackin' thru the next few days. Actually picked up some copywriting/audio recording work via the Inernet out of Maryland, so I'm going to take my recording equipment along for the ride. ;-) Love the technology that allows me to "work" where ever I may roam. Nothing like multi-tasking!

Confirmed that after 5 weeks of class we're going immediaely to Con-Way and going thru the 3-day orientation. and my fella get our seperate trucks and finishers(trainers)and go our seperate ways for 7500 miles. They "say" those 7500 miles should be a 3-week run. Keep your fingers crossed.

Such an outpouring of support and farewells from friends and family. Touches the heart and warms the soul. Oh those who volunteered to regularly "exercise" my Harley (that would be Maggie for those of you who don' know Her Name) in my absence...THANKS...Love You...but Hell NO! ;-) I may be loco, but not stooopid!

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