desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Monday, October 19, 2009

OK...ready for this????

Get to class this morning with my list of questions for the truck driving class director..still not comfortable with this "condition" he's placed on me which as of Friday afternoon was: taking the written CDL tests over AGAIN IN MISSOURI, to get a Missouri Combination Permit so I can legally do my road testing in MO. EVEN though he says their "don't ask, don't tell" policy won't effect Dave cuz he hasn't been "red flagged" by AZ. I'm VERY confused and there are a lot of "holes" in the information I've been given.

Me thinks there are a lot of untold truths here......

Sooooo...I'm trying to get over the stress of all this woo-Ha that occured Friday, when a fellow classmate pulls me aside before class this morning and shares with me that an "instructor" has told her to hide the fact that she had a previous serious medical condition and more or less lie on her medical evaluation so she could continue the class. WHICH would ensure that she completes the class but stands the chance of having her license revoked for not being truthful. Again....there seems to be some mighty shady practices happenin' here that certainly doesn't have the student's best interest in mind. :-(

My trust level (that's already severely damaged by now) takes another nose dive. AND...when Dave & I ask when Mr. Director will be available to answer our questions we're told he's not going to be in today. Hmmmmm....He assured me Friday that he would be available Monday so we could further discuss this. Again..WTF??????!!!!!

We're both furious, feeling we've intentially been "blown off" and disrespected...go to the office to leave him a note...lo and behold, he comes roaring into the paking lot, all smiles, like HEY, here I am! After someone called him I'm sure to tell him we were pissed and on our way o his office.

This leads to the same conversation we had Friday..have to take the MO test, get a Missouri permit ... blah, blah, blah. BUT if we give him time he will try to "fix it". Still feeling we're not getting all the facts, I say we're going to lunch, will talk about it, and continue the conversation at 1PM.

We leave, I call the AZ DMV supervisor that I spoke to Thursday about getting a new AZ permit and based on what he told me, Mr. Director is feeding me a whole bunch of hooey! More untruths (otherwise known as lies) :-(

By now both Dave & I agree that our trust levels have pretty much been destroyed and out best damage control action would be to just bail, lick our wounds, count our losses and go home.

We go back, talk to Mr. Director (who's all smiles) and immediately shares that he made a phone call to the same dude who said I needed to retest and get a MO permit...and it's "all taken care of...I don't need to do a thing". He "mis-understood" what the dude told him Friday and there's really NO PROBLEM with me driving with a copy of my AZ Permit.

OMG! Can this soap opera scenerio get any better!? Is this a candid camera reality-type TV show?? His "mis-understanding" has put me thru 4 days of emotional hell, and come to think of it, he didn't even say he was sorry.

Here's where I stand and here's basically what I told him at this point...

Learning to drive an 18-wheeler takes every attention cell in your body. On top of that there are logs to learn, mechanics, laws, rules...literally thousands of inter-related subjects .... from 5:30 AM til 10:30 PM, Mon. thru Friday we're giving 150% to keep up, do well and trust this institution to guide us thru a life-altering change. Until Thursday I was doin' fine..but after 4 days of all this run-around, mixed message BS, I'm drained and my focus has been destroyed. I don't have an ounce of desire to complete what I've started and I feel that if I'm not 100% mentally prepared to sit behind that multi-ton truck steering wheel, I'm a danger to myself and anybody else that gets in my way. This is as much a mental process as a physical one and my mental state has been trashed. Never have played well with dishonesty, and apparently I never will. friends we're heading back to AZ. Should be home sometime Wed. Again I have found myself in the company of those who sit in a place of power and think they have the right to play games with my life. If it was a permit this week and who knows what he would have thrown at me next week or what form he'd ask me to fill out dishonestly...can't live with those kind of "rules". We were promised a tuition refund (minus $70 for books and a drug test)keep your fingers crossed that he follows thru with that.

It HAS been an adventure..certainly not the kind we expected (but they rarely are....are they?) Back home to re-group and come up with a plan "B". All things for a reason.

Keep movin' forward...just keep movin' forward....

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