desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Friday, February 12, 2010

It was just a moment, a snippet of time that seemed to stretch on, and on and on.

Sticking in that "time stands still" place right between HURRY UP and NO DON'T GO! 

Conflicting thoughts, collective feelings click together like legos one on top the other.

Perfect fits, perfect clicks, holes and pegs all in the right spaces. 

Who knew stacking wooden building blocks as a child would evolve into a life lesson?

Start with simple wooden cubes marked with numbers, letters and animals all-round.

Move on to Lincoln Logs

Tinker Toys

Erector, train and race car sets

Building, building, building......

And then that moment comes

That snippet of time that seemed to stretch on, and on, and on...

Right before the block tower tumbles

Right before The Tinker Toy Skyscraper collapses

Right before the Erector Set ferris wheel grinds to a stop

Right before the train and race cars skid off the curve of the track

Signals of completion. 

Permission to carry on, move on...

To the next architectual drawing board of Life

Some folks I've known are stuck in the Tinker Toy stage ;-)

Some days I wish I were too ;-)

BUT most days...

Most Days it's like getting that new pencil box I loved so much right before the start of a new school year filled with perfect brand-spankin'-new pencils, eraser, ruler, crayons (if I'm lucky the type with the sharpener built right in the box!!) 
A "glass half full" anticipation far outweighs the fear of the unexplored territory and possibility of defeat. 

With a fresh-packed lunch, replenished pencil box and a backpack full of life lessons ....

I'm off to build, sculpt, paint my way through whatever is to come or perhaps just to salvage the broken down ruins I've left behind .

The canvas is clean so we shall see.

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