desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Move is almost complete.

Yard sale Fri & Sat, mattress & box spring to load, motorcycles to re-locate ... and it is done.  It even looks like the weather is finally going to bless us (except for possible rain on Sat.) with mostly sunshine.  FINALLY.

The new tenant of my former office apartment has filled the garage with her stuff and part of me wants to shout GET THE F--- OUTTA MY SPACE!  But most of me is saying, take this burden from me. 

Shedding burdens feels VERY good.  :-)

But for over 6 years it all was such a blessing so maybe burden is the wrong word.  Perhaps completion is a better description.  A completion feels VERY good!  There...I like that much better. 

I'd like to think I'm passing on a blessing, if the new tenants choose to think of it that way .... if not .... so be it.  Everything and I mean EVERY thing is about choices.  We pray, we hope, we meditate and concentrate on what we "want" and in the meantime what we need is always there, just waiting for us to "see" it.  Our human-ness makes us incredibly unaware most of the time.  Clinging to that which is complete, keeping us stuck in our own muck.

Muck be gone!  I have much to do, much to see and MUCH to live before my earthly jobs are COMPLETE!! 

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