desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Friday, February 5, 2010

Mountains of boxes and "stuff" await my attention in the basement of my soon to be Crown King home. 

Radio script writing came first this morning and thank goodness for the work!  Now it's time to tackle the re-location process.  :-)

I do love the lack of urgency that is the very essence of this tiny mountain community.  Cloulds shift from heavy curtains to whispy translucent coverlets and now the sun has found its way and shines through the pine, juniper and oak cloaked forest.

In fact the only "rush" seems to be the small mountain snow fed stream that runs through the property.  Simplicity is quite amazing if you just remain still ......
What a concept!  Stillness and simplicity! 

But, those dang boxes keep nagging, so I'm divin' in!

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