desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010 is peeking thru the curtains of time.

Who needs to buy an amusement park roller coaster ticket when Life is the most amusing loop-t-loop ride there is?  ;-)

In the quest to improve one's lifestyle, soulstyle, mindstyle .... the path is often clouded by the opinions, jealousies and fears of others ... but mostly fears.  The "what-ifs" thrown at you by the fearful are a scary lot, precursors to failure, shame and ultimately "I-told-you-so's".  Predetermined bleakness only results in exactly that ....
Walk away from those who cling to fear, preach fear, live in the overpowering shadow of fear and seek out those who stare fear full in the face.

Listen to that 'ole caveman (woman) "fight or flight" respose.  is it worth fighting for or letting go?  What's your method of "flight" and can you substain a lengthy "fight".  Is the "fight" physical or mental?  Are your answers based on fear or feal-less-ness? 

And ALWAYS remember ... simple silence and/or just sitting still and observing can be the most valuable protector/teacher of all.  Fear never sits still ... it's constantly on the prowl for victims.  By not revealing yourself to it .... it will eventually consume itself.  ;-)

Marching on into whatever comes next!

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