desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Deck the halls and ho-ho-ho ..... plant the seeds of change and watch 'em grow!

Seems as though a decade has been packed into the last few months. Even though it's flown by in the blink-of-an-eye, the tremendous shifts and hair-pin life turns I've found myself roller coastering around in, have left my body and soul reeling. Some nerve racking, some enlightening, some disappointing ... and everything in between. A virtual life experiences smorgasboard! NOW I'm ready for the dessert buffet! ;-) Belly UP & pass the hot fudge!!!!

Now that the flames and smoke of the truck driving venture have died down and been scattered hither and yon by the winds of change, it seems as though the answers I was seeking were in my own backyard (so to speak) not in Missouri or roaming the Country. BUT it's also become clear that these so called answers were NOT going to surface until I physically and emotionally detached from "what was" ... so the roadblocks to "what will be" could come tumbling down.

I think everyone has experienced that "holding on" to what we know way longer then it's healthy for us. We've held onto it so tightly for so long, not realizing it's keeping us in the same "holding" pattern, never allowing us to become grounded, get a bearing and get the heck on with choosing a new direction.

Being "stuck" is a great barrier to hide behind, blocking the inevitable betrayal, financial and/or relationship struggle or any other not so pleasant life circumstance you're virtually "LA-LA-LA'ing yourself to death with.

Returning prematurely from Missouri has not only shown we WHO my TRUE friends are but also where my true talents lie and with whom I should share them with. Nothing like pulling yourself out of the picture and gettin' the true panoramic view is there? ;-)

When you're prospecting thru life .... after all the swishing and swirling has shoved all the garbage out .... what's left in the bottom is Pure Gold! It was always there, just rubbin' elbows with muddy-bottom slippery sand that dulled the perception and fooled the eye. Takes a bit of shovin' back and even some hollarin', but once you've risen above the muck...they bail like roaches in the sunlight. :-)

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