desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Yikes! I've been very Blog Negligent! ;-(((

I am convinced that time IS moving reason for months to go by as quickly as they do.
Christmas is on the horizon, the year is preparing to come to an end and it all seems so impossible.
Hmmmmm ....
After a whirlwind of traveling from Crown King to Prescott to 4 days in San Diego, it's been a busy, busy, busy time since last posting.
All good travels leading to more adventures!
Been an eBay frenzy lately. Selling estate sale items for a friend and have a whole room full of goodies that will keep me busy for weeks. Can't make a livin' doing it .... but it will help pay the bills in the mean time.

It's turned frickin' COLD and snow ... LOTS of snow is in the forecast. Miss summer already. whine, Whine, WHIne, WHINE.......

All in all, I've enjoyed my freedom but as the money flows out and none comes in, I'm reminded that the "real world" is still knocking at my door. Do you ever feel like you've already paid your "work" dues? Played all the "making a living" games you're willing to play? Pass the plate of BS cuz I ain't taking my "share" anymore kind of attitude. to. ;-) the job offers come to the surface, I must put my attention, attitude and focus on a higher purpose .... wrapping my arms around a life I cherish and all that emcompasses and doing what needs to be done to keep it all in place.

If blessings could be converted to dollars ... I'd be set for life! Until that happens .... I shall do what's needed to "get 'er done"! ;-)

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