desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow...." keeps running through my mind this morning.  Goofy as it seems, a message must be attached to my munchkin muddled thoughts.

Even rainbows have their demons ...... wicked witches, winged monkeys and grumpy apple trees with loud old man voices.  Cheez!  Can't we just skip those chapters and scamper around in an endless land of Willy Wonka Chocolate and Glenada The Good Witch magic?  Ok...guess that could get a bit boring. 

Even Dora The Explorer needs a good challenge from time to time and what would Big Bird be without an occasional go-round with Oscar The Grouch?  Just another pea brained bird I suppose. 

How 'bout Darth Vader, the "dark side" master?  Just another good guy gone bad, a crossing over of the most evil sort. 

Pinnochio even ALMOST fell prey to bad boy ways!  Clever knock-kneed little knuckle head that he was.  What did he have that Darth Vader didn't?  An intervention task force worthy of its own reality TV show?????  What the heck!!??

Jiminy Cricket that's what!!!!  Ya know, the "always let your conscience be your guide" fella!  NEVER underestimate the value of a support system, even if it's an insect with a top hat and cane.  :-) 

OK, I think I get it now ... Dorothy wouldn't have gotten her "go home" wish if the Scarecrow, Tin Man and yes...even the Cowardly Lion hadn't been there through thick and thin, or should I say through Wicked Witch and Flying Monkeys???  And truth be told, her "over the rainbow" fantasy didn't turn out to be such a hot place afterall.  What she had in her own backyard was her true pot of gold. 

Tis human to want MORE and if you're a really LUCKY human you have steadfast friends to pull you back to a reality that was serving you all along.   Too bad, so sad Darth Vader ... even the Grinch learned his lesson.  Maybe in the next sequel. 

Still dream, continue to hope for unbridled happiness ... but be on a constant watch for dark side distractions and ALWAYS let your conscience be your guide!  ;-)

Happy Rainbow Hunting!!

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