desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A lazy post tonight ... pulled from an archive of Crown King adventures written last summer ..

Hiking, quad-riding and sitting in God’s palm watching Heaven’s landscape below.   Ho-hum … all in a Crown King day!

As I sat upon a rain worn mountain-top boulder, the monsoon season clouds performed the most intriguing, beguiling, seductive dance I could ever hope to witness.

Caressing mountain peaks like a mindful lover’s hand, reaching down into valleys and canyons that almost seem to arch upward to meet the swirling billows of wind and rain, in a hurried attempt to complete the coupling between land and sky.

This is the real deal, no duplication is possible. Theme parks absolutely can NOT come close to recreating this Mother Nature marvel. Computer graphics can be mind-boggling, but equal this? No way Jose!

When I think of the ga-zillions of dollars spent on in-home theatres, ipods, iphones, sound systems and televisions larger than houses in most third world countries and how this unrehearsed performance is absolutely, without question ….. FREE.

Remind me please, why exactly is it that human beings are considered “intelligent”? In this place in history when a half million Americans a month are losing their jobs, you’d think millions would be on a nature quest. No applications are needed. No age limit. No membership fee. You don’t need a passport, green card or even a legal ID! Just a calling of sorts … to think clearer, choose better, walk taller, hold your head a bit higher and shake off the filth of “I can’t” and “gotta have” and throw yourself into the “YES, I’m worth it!” and “the less baggage the better” mindset.

But first we need to reclaim our own minds. Think for ourselves. Take personal responsibility for what our lives have, or haven’t, become. Get off the gravy train and learn to put one foot in front of the other and walk again.

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