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desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Can You Spare Some Change!!???

Let’s talk about “change”

A simple word really

6 unspectacular letters

With several different meanings

Each with significantly different references

One meaning attaches itself to a life shift.  In an ever-changing world, this meaning seems to be at the top of the definition list.

Another meaning is the physical object, which gets less attention and even ignored all together.  That’s why I’m going to shed some long overdue light on this interpretation.

For instance, has anyone ever asked you, “Can you spare some change”?  

If so, it probably brings about thoughts of homeless beggars, unshaven faces, unbrushed teeth, unwashed flesh and slept-in clothing.  A tattered and torn body and soul, covering what we barely take notice of, something that weighs us down, is more trouble than it’s worth and everybody knows.. ya’ just can’t buy ANYTHING for a pocketful of  …. Change anymore.

I invite you to say “Can you spare some change” out loud. 

Really!  Try it.

See how it feels to be on the speaking end of this phrase rather than the hearing end.  (I’m assuming here that you’ve never been on the speaking end of this statement before).  

Then “sit with it” for a moment.  See if you can wrap your head around how it feels as it rolls off your tongue and escapes into the air around you.  

Don’t expect any magical, mystical thoughts to come, just see what happens.  It’s an interesting lesson in roll perspective reversal. 

We throw “change” into fountains or into deep, dark wells and make wishes. Does the joining of water and coin produce a Disney-Like portal to dreams come true and who the heck thought this up?  Was it a starless night when someone wanted to wish-upon-a-star so the backyard well became the dream catcher?  Just a thought……..

We roll it up neatly in paper rolls to keep it tidy and “accounted for”.  

Some collect old change in the hope that someday it will be worth Big Bucks.

Have you used Lincoln’s head on a penny to measure your tire tread?

Some rogue change quietly slips away and mysteriously disappears only to be discovered later between sofa cushions, car seats and in extreme cases, in the bottom of the washing machine or clothes dryer.  

When change reaches celebrity status, it becomes part of a ceremony to determine who kicks and who receives the football.  Super Star change makes it all the way to the Super Bowl!  How many times have you actually held your breath waiting for a heads or tails verdict?  As if the absence of breathing will bring you the side of your choice.

Is there some kind of change etiquette or data base and does it answer the question…Is “heads” the top of the coin or is it really “tails” that is meant to be on top?  Is assuming “heads is up” being raciest or chauvinistic or a sign of profiling?  Are there boy coins and girl coins or is change genderless?  

I won’t even get into the cultural significance of “change” and the creativity that has gone into incorporating it into rituals that reshape our lives.  Images of coins flipping through the air or ricocheting off pub table tops toward multiple glasses/mugs filled with varietious (I made a new word!) adult beverages come to mind!  ;-))))

Enough said for now.  You get the picture.  Insignificance is only in the mind of the mindless.  Nothing (let me repeat that) Nothing is ever truly insignificant.  Not even that penny you don’t feel is worth the effort of bending over to pick up.

To someone, it’s life change-ing!

Better sign off before I Change My Mind!


  1. Wow! good timing. Just the other day, my hubby and I were arguing over the 'change' in my ashtray. We've had this argument before, specifically we have had this argument on and off for 35 years. The minute he sees my change collection he covets it! He was practically drooling. I had been building it for some time. I bet I had - oh, at least $1. I told him (like have have for 35 years) he could have the pennies but NOT the silver, but sometime between closing my eyes to blink and opening them, ALL my change disappeared. I still have not figured out how he does it, but he does it! I have gone so far as to hide my change in breath mint containers to keep him from sneaking it, but some how he finds it & takes it. I even shared my breath mint container hiding place with our kids and he took theirs, TOO! We have decided he's a 'quick change' artist AND WE do NOT like the "change in our change."

    Loved it, Beck (and I CERTAINLY was not bored!)


  2. Love this one. Have read it a few times. Some things never "change"!