desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Thursday, February 10, 2011

chapter 2

Have added another blogsite to my resume.  

My girlie friend & I have begun a daily blogsite at
The inspiration comes from the blog of 3 long-time girlfriends who live in 3 different states who blog 365 days a year and their site is
Loved the concept!  My creative side has been starving for a feast and perhaps my awareness of everyday "chores" will shift a bit as I keep an eye out for sights, sounds and events that I otherwise would turn away from, just so I can share it with others.

The daily pieces will be short and sweet.  Some meaningful I'm sure but mostly not.  Just snippets of an everyday person living an everyday life with a touch of chili pepper thrown in from time to time.

Join us pleez.  Life shared is a life lived.  

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