desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Thursday, October 25, 2012


For Better or Worse...I've returned to the blog where change seems to be the common denominator from which I choose to "blogwrite".
There!  I think I've created a new word.  How's that for change!?  :-)

In 1996 at the ripe old age of 42 I began a journey that I knew would take me back to a home I'd never lived in but was more familiar than the home I'd been born in.  Arizona called and I had no choice but to answer.  My need to become part of this state's landscape was as deep as her world-renowned Grand Canyon. 

I sold my house, including 42 years of accumulated "stuff" that would not fit in a 32-foot 5th wheel and rolled into a new life that would give the word "difficult" a whole new definition but would define my true character in ways my birth home never would have. 
 Fast forward, 16 years and even though I reluctantly gave up the 5th wheel, my world has remained (for the most part) uncluttered by "stuff".  Don't get me wrong!  I've binged and purged on lots of things I didn't need over those years but always come back to the same minimalist mindset.  Less Is More in my world.

Which brings me to the "changes" part!

I've always had a hankering to be a full-time RV'er, hence the aforementioned "reluctantly gave up the 5th wheel" statement and become a wandering adventurer drinking in the intoxicating elixir of all that's "out there".   Now Lo and Behold my other half has decided he's going to sell his house and all he can't fit into a motorhome and hit the road.

Hot Damn! is all I've got to say!  Let's get in gear and make it happen!  And it is....

Now he's the one purging 30+ years of accumulated "stuff" and discovering that even though it's exhausting (physically and mentally) there's a freedom it brings that nothing else equals.  

So in the September of my Life there's one more adventurous chapter to write about.

It will be difficult.
It will be wonderful.
It will bring me to my knees in frustration.
It will lift me to the pinnacle of joyful bliss.

Oh yeah.....of course the Harley's will be coming along ;-)  They're not considered "stuff".
They're considered Food For The Soul!


  1. Our paths have been somewhat parallel, albeit you at a younger age. And now there will be two blogs singing the praises of freedom on the open road. I hope to see you "out there" my friend! :)

    1. I do believe we will be in each others lives forever Miss Kath. Destiny is a funny just keeps on bringing good people together!