desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

45 feet of home sweet home

In the last few years I’ve have countless folks say to me 
it's just too hard”, referring to a drastic lifestyle change and most times 
I will wholeheartedly agree for indeed it is.  
What I usually don’t say because I know they are consumed by the 
overwhelming task of re-arranging their lives is
“but it’s so, so, so worth it”!  

If you’re not really happy where you’re at, but can’t muck up
the courage to change it, my wishes for strength and happiness
where ever you choose to be are with you but 
without meaning to be harsh, not my sympathies.  

Even though I’ve become a master of lifestyle change, 
it never gets easier.   In fact, as age advances energy 
and stamina retreats and each time I jump off
the cliff of major change the possibility of crashing and burning 
becomes more visible.  But I’d rather crash and burn 
jumping into my dreams than waste away in a rocking chair 
drooling down a plastic bib.  

With all that said, tomorrow the wheels of change 
will once again propel me into yet another lifestyle modification, 
literally…..45 feet of diesel pusher.  

Wanderlust has been my beast of burden in a conventional 
world that endorses “staying put”. Every time I straddle my 
Harley I’m reminded that freedom is much more than breaking away 
once a year for a 2 week vacation.  It’s a state of mind that should 
never be ignored nor extinguished.  It’s the driving force that
makes life worth the effort of getting out of bed in the morning 
and the inspiration for rising above “it’s just too hard” and taking
an unprecedented leap of faith.   

As the calm peaceful world of Crown King, Arizona fades away 
in my life’s rear view mirror a new landscape is looming on 
the endless horizon and “there’s no place like home” takes on 
a whole new perspective!  

Will it be easy?  Hell no!  Let me say that again… HELL NO!

But one thing I know for certain, it WILL be worth it!


  1. The wheels turning lifestyle is definitely a blood thing.. once its in its hard to get out. Thats is what pulled me... and keeps me here. And even though i'm no longer doing it with my ex significant other.. i'm still doing it and living my dream... while making money and LOVING it.

    Its not as easy to sightsee while doing it professionally, but I get my share in. But once retirement hits I have full expectation that I still won't be able to sit still and will most likely RV it as well. I've already got plans to start saving once I hit 40! LOL.

    Enjoy it for all it's worth.. and if you carry latitude on your phone feel free to add me as a friend and, if we ever cross paths, we can meet up!

  2. Ah yes Daryl, may the force of staying mobile be with us! Sure hope to see you again someday!

  3. That would be a nice treat. As long as your posting where your at on facebook I'm sure i'll be able to give you a heads up if i'm headed that way. Otherwise, google latitude is the best way to see where i'm at... my lady friend and mom are the only 2 that track me daily on there.