desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Enjoyin' The Ride.....

Took advantage of today’s sunshine and 70 degree weather and took the bikes for a run.  Oh yeah……nothing like a ride in the desert in mid-February! 

Decided it’s time for a good ol’ fashioned “what’s happening” update. 
Not getting in a hurry and settling into the RV lifestyle.  Learning the “ins and outs” of all the bells, whistles and special challenges that come with the living in a home-on-wheels package.  

We took an intense 3-day RV’ers “Boot Camp” a few weekends ago put on by the Escapees RV group.  It gave us LOTS of info to absorb from folks who live and breathe this nomadic way of life.  Topics included everything from even weight distribution and tires to fire safety and tips from the “gadget guy”.  Met some awesome folks that weekend, exchanged email addresses and hope to cross paths with them again someday soon!

A couple from Texas moved in a few spaces down from us a month or so ago and they pulled out a few days ago.  They’re both a stellar example of Texas hospitality!  She baked muffins they day before they left and brought us some complete with doggie treats for Willy.  They have a dachshund named LeRoy that Willy’s made friends with.  I miss them.

Both Dave & I got knocked on our butts by colds this last week.  Muckin’ thru it and on the mend.  We’re not sick often and this re-enforces our appreciation of having been blessed with good health the majority of the time.  

Plans are to scoot out of here in the near future and take the motorhome to a friend’s RV dealership in Prescott for a thorough inspection and routine maintenance that could take a week or two to complete.  Luckily we can live in the motorhome while it’s going through the process since they’ve got hookups for us!  

Then … Mom, Jenn, Kate & I are scootin’ off into the sunset for a week of Hawaiian adventures in March to celebrate Jenn’s 40th birthday.  How I acquired a 40 year old daughter is beyond my understanding!  ;-)  None of us have been to Hawaii so it’s gonna be a new experience for us all.

Not sure where we’ll be traveling to after the inspection/maintenance is complete, wherever the winds happen to direct us to I guess! 
Mid April we’re heading north to Whitefish Lake State Park in Whitefish, Montana to become camp hosts in exchange for free lot rent & utilities May 1st thru sometime in Sept.  I’m sure it’s going to be a lot of work but it’s only three 8 hour days a week, Thurs, Fri. and Sat. and the hours can be worked by either Dave, myself or a combo of the 2 of us.  

It’s a perfect Harley ridin’ part of the country and we’re REALLY looking forward to that!!! 


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