desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Desert Music Muse

I heard the music before I saw its source…..

The last sound I expected to hear while taking Willy on his routine early evening walk around the campground last night was a violin.  

There was a soul-grabbing energy in the wafting tune that nibbled at my senses and aroused a hunger deep within my curious side.  

The tune was classical yet playful and much, much more than a violin bow being drawn across the strings of a musical instrument.  

It sounded as though a gentle breeze was blowing an intricate, yet delicate, web over loving heartstrings.  

And then I caught a glimpse of the violinist…

Between the rows of RV's I could make out the back of a lady's petite white-haired head slightly tilted to the left, her chin holding the violin in place, right arm slightly raised in mid-glide.

Her back faced the warm glow of the western sunset. 

Her concert-of-the-heart was directed toward the open miles of virgin desert to the east that slowly rises to meet the foothills of a distant towering mountain range.  

It was the purest exchange I have ever witnessed between a living being and Mother Earth.

There are so many angels amongst us.  

Even in the most unlikely places……

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