desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Friday, January 25, 2013

Around and Around we go....


Here is how yesterday started.

I turn on my computer and discover that through either my dumb-ass-ness or that of my credit card company, the scheduled payment I made earlier this month posted to the wrong credit card (which has no balance…DUH!) and the one I meant to pay is overdue and now a double payment is due PLUS a late charge.

Oh joy.

Then I discover that a trojan has invaded my gmail account and it’s sent a bogus email with a link to everyone in my contact list.  Likely thanks to craigslist where I had listed my car for sale a few days earlier.  

Oh double joy.

May I add that after we took the motor home for a much needed road trip Tuesday, got back to the campground and plugged it in …. The fridge crapped out.  Luckily we have a cooler-sized freezer in a storage compartment that came with the motor home so frozen stuff went there and an ice run was made and cooler filled.  Now…..we knew the brand of fridge we have is notorious for recalls and numerous issues and the original owner of the motor home had the original fridge replaced at one time and a recall circuit board replaced in 2011.  After hours of trouble shooting Dave discovered that the same circuit board is the culprit.  The trick is finding a new one and sucking up the price, which of course is over inflated.  

Oh yeah…..and of course while I’m dealing with credit card payment fark ups and email hackers it’s gloomy, cool and raining.  Perfect!

A day to practice “hope and prayer” has been handed to me on a silver platter.

First of all….

Delete all the contacts in my gmail account.  Change the account password.  Post on facebook that a bogus email may have went to friends and if it did to not open the attachment and delete it.  A couple of anti-virus software scans later I see the culprit trojan has been disabled.  OK, can’t do any more with this issue, so move on to the next.

Call the credit card company.  I think they’ve gotten a lot of calls on this issue cuz the rep breezes through the transaction of putting the $$$ toward the correct account and deletes the late charges & does away with the double payment due, even mentioning it “may” have been a problem on their end.  Hmmmm….seems as though the error is on their plate.   

My dumb-ass-ness side retreats a step or two for now. 

By noon the fridge is fixed and humming into coolness thanks to a courteous helpful tech at Affinity RV in Prescott via a phone call. (Shameless promotion of my client here) by waving  a $7 magnet over the circuit board that shut down, the board  resets and begins sending power to the fridge.  By late afternoon cooler and outdoor freezer are empty and inside fridge/freezer is full.  

Plus, in the last moments of sunset, a thin band of sky clears just above the horizon and the sun graces us lowly earth-bound creatures with a grand finale of sunshine.  

I think I heard a faint chuckle coming off the sun rays as the sun slipped below the horizon on it's way to the other side of the world.

OK …. Message acknowledged. 
Prayers of thanks and gratitude said. 

And today?

Daughter from Nashville flies in and we’re meeting at Mom’s for a 3-generational girl’s night of eating, movie watching and celebrating her 79th birthday.  

If it weren’t for the bad days the good ones wouldn’t be as sweet seems like such a cliché but oh how true it is……

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