desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Friday, January 18, 2013

Goofy or Gutsy?

“Livin On a Hope and a Prayer” isn’t just a title for my blog page.  

It’s my slogan, my daily mantra and ultimately will end up being my epitaph. 
It’s a messy “get down to the blood and guts” state of mind that few can truly wrap their heads around.  

It can be interpreted as totally irresponsible or incredibly gutsy, depending on the interpreter.

I might add, there is a fine line of delicate balance between totally irresponsible and incredibly gutsy.  I walk that fine line every moment of each and every day.  Some days I plunge into the irresponsible muck pool and other days rise to the pinnacle of gutsy glory.  That’s just how life keeps ya on track.

Becoming a full-time RV’er definitely falls into the category that teeters between irresponsible and “are you crazy?!”  That’s why I love it!  ;-)

Selling a home and buying a beast like ours (that costs as much as a house) but will do nothing but depreciate may seem a bit loony to some but I can tell you there are bucket loads of others like us out here crossing things off their bucket lists while those who think we’re loony just keep adding to theirs. 

And to each their own!  I totally respect the comfort zones of others, as long as it doesn’t cross over into mine.  

I haven’t won the lottery yet and will never ever be comfortably wealthy, heck they’d just make me pay more taxes anyway, but I do have the freedom to make the choice of what type of lifestyle I live and that makes me the luckiest person in the world.  PLUS the fact that I have a partner/best friend who’s as loony tunes as I … MAJOR BONUS.

Hope and Prayer got me here.

Hope and Prayer will keep me where I’m meant to be.

Oh yeah, did I tell you we’re going to be camp hosts at Whitefish Lake State Park in Montana this summer?  The gateway to Glacier National Park.  Yeah baby!  How’s that for a summer gig?

More on that next blog……..

In the meantime, keep the faith and be careful what you pray for!

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