desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Friday, January 11, 2013

Mundane in every way

My Day….

Awake at 3:37 A.M.  (not unusual for me)

Decide to get up at 4 A.M. cuz sleep isn’t something my mind and body is letting me get back to.

Turn on the coffee pot and laptop.

My Internet Assessor job allows me to work a maximum of 20 hours a week & since I’m only 3 hours short, I sit down with a strong cup of fresh brewed coffee (with a splash of milk) and get to work!

With a few 5 minutes breaks thrown in, I’m done with the Internet stuff by 8 A.M. YAY!!! 

The only other work project on my agenda is a radio script for Affinity RV that I’d like to have done by Saturday night.  In the mean time….let the weekend begin!

Check Facebook, email, make an purchase and schedule some bill payments via the web. 

2 pieces of sourdough toast for breakfast with my 4th cup of coffee. 


Take Willy for his walk which is the highlight of his day. 

It’s COLD & windy and along with all the other dog walkers this morning I’m bundled up like it’s 30 below.  My Nebraska friends and family would make fun of me.  Us RV dwellers who choose to live in the desert during the winter months are cold weather wimps!!!

Re-organize some kitchen cabinets.


Refill the kitchen soap dispenser.

(are you bored yet????)  ;-)

Do some laundry.

Go to town just because we CAN.  Buy some groceries.

Have a mid afternoon treat­­­­­ of coffee and an apple fritter that we splurged on in the grocery store…. just cuz WE CAN.  ;-)

Read a few chapters of my book. 

I’ll add here that throughout the day new RV’s are pulling in and setting up their homes as I’m going about my day.  Of course I have to check each one out.  5th wheel?  Motor home?   Gas or diesel pusher”  Pulling a trailer or a car/truck/jeep?  Dogs? 

I’m exhausted!  ;-)  Time to take a nap.

Take Willy on his afternoon walk.

Fix dinner and finish the day with a cup of tea and a few cookies.

Nothing exciting, earth shattering or life changing.

Or was it?

Today was mundane but priceless because it was my day, lived my way, on my schedule and every day I am grateful for these precious days because they are few and far between.

Monday will come soon enough. 
The work hours reset to zero.
My “to do” list will be a mile long. 

So with that in mind…….

I think I’ll crank up the electric blanket and watch TV in bed later tonight. 


  1. I'm jealous. Thats the life I hope to lead come retirement.. that is if the mayans don't have another prediction that comes true.

  2. I like to think the "next life" will be even better ... where do you think all the Mayans went??? :-)))

  3. some may call it 'spoiled -ass -rotten' I call it "sweet as pie"