desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Just Passin' Thru

Today’s entry is dedicated to my cousin Clay who slipped away into that unknown Utopia we all hope is there, yet in our humanness doubt exists.  Heaven seems so very, very far away when someone you’ve shared memories with, even if they are only from your childhood, is called to return back Home.  May your transition from this world to your True Home be swift, effortless and filled with celebrations of homecoming dear cousin.

After a bit of shifting around to get the motorhome “road ready” we’ve returned to Congress, AZ for a stint of 9 – 10 days before heading to the wide open spaces of Quartzsite, AZ and enjoying the solitude of what RVer’s call boondocking.  For those of us self-contained folks, this means filling up the fresh water tank, emptying the grey & black water tanks, topping off the propane and fuel tanks for generator and kitchen stove use and just finding any ol’ place to suit us, likely on BLM land. 

Since all the hoop-la in Quartzsite is over and done with (for those of you non Southwestern or RV’n folks Quartzsite becomes a HUGE flea market and RVer’s marketplace from the end of Jan til about the 3rd week in Febr) there is LOTS and LOTS of open space to park on right now before the wave of summer heat hits and turns this winter weather paradise into a hell hole!  Dave took his motorcycle out a few days ago to scout it out and found a spot only a few miles north of town that’s flat, wide open, waitin’ for us and best of all FREE!  

I must say that I’m ready for some solitude and even though my morning shower will be cut short because of water conservation and the washer and dryer are going to be off limits, being able to put some space between us and the typical RV campground neighbor will be a welcome change.  

Today we treated ourselves to a nice 100 mile or so bike ride out to Salome & back for lunch at a REALLY good local restaurant.  Wide open desert landscapes, dressed in its rare green early spring colors.  Just a bit of a cool tinge in the air so long sleeves felt good, but a jacket would have been too warm.  

Thoughts of cousin Clay wafted in and out of my mind (as thoughts do on quiet rides through open stretches of desert) and I hope his too short life was filled with many such peaceful moments as mine was today.  We sat at many a family Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner tables together, celebrated each other’s birthdays & shared 4th of July firecrackers, watched View Master slide shows on Grandma’s oven door while stuffing our faces with popcorn popped the old-fashioned way, without a microwave & we could have all the soda we wanted at grandpa and grandma’s house so we’d drink like drunkards and have belching contests out in the yard.  

 And then….For a few fleeting seconds, the memories took a back seat.  There was just me, an empty highway for as far as my eyes could see, the roar of my Harley, the virgin Arizona desert, endless blue skies, brilliant sunshine and the awareness of the absolute perfection of it all, including his passing. 

It was a good day…..

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