desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Friday, April 19, 2013

Help me to remember somewhere out there......

Below is an inscription on a stone monument that is located at Pearl Harbor that caught my eye & stuck in my heart.
Perhaps it is something we all need to ask ourselves daily………

 Dear Lord

Least I continue my compliant way

Help me to remember somewhere out there

A man died for me today

As long as there be war

I then must ask and answer

Am I worth dying for?

Eleanor Roosevelt kept this poem in her wallet during WWII

Sitting here in the pre-dawn hours on the morning of our departure from Arizona I can’t help but think of all the turmoil out there in the world today.  Not just in our country, but world-wide and how blessed we are as Americans to be able to just pack up and take off on whatever adventure or mis-adventure we choose with nary a thought as to how lucky we are or how easy we have it.

In the RV world you rub shoulders with all sizes, shapes and ages of adventurous souls who crave independence, no REQUIRE independence, in a way only a restless Spirit understands.  I have yet to meet someone who hasn’t made significant sacrifices to live this transient lifestyle, just for the love of it.  Some have traditional homes to return to, but many like us don’t and either you “get it” or you don’t.  Neither is wrong, it’s just our natures being true to ourselves and if you don’t have truth within, you’re incomplete.  And that’s so very sad.

Someone out there did die for me today so that I may live this by-guess-or-by-golly RV traveler lifestyle.  

Am I worth dying for?
I certainly hope so.
Would I die to keep the privilege of independence alive?
In a heartbeat.

AND…..I think every politician who makes world-altering choices needs to carry the above poem in their wallet and be required to read it out loud everyday in the presence of someone who has lost a loved one defending our freedom. 
It should be a daily “Pledge of Allegiance” that opens every congressional and senate session.

Bravo Eleanor.  You’d have made an excellent RV’er. 

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