desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Friday, May 10, 2013

A River Runs Through It Reality Check

It’s surreal to wake up every morning in the midst of a forest that’s bursting into spring, a “real” green grass lawn (plus an ample crop of dandelions) and a crystal clear lake that stretches for further than the eye can see only 60 seconds from our front door.  

Our space is the best in the park with ample room for our RV Beast, trailer, pick-up and Harleys.  There’s a small tent campsite behind us but other than that, no other camping spaces around us…YAY!  Don’t mean to be an unsocial-lite but living 5 feet from others has never been my cup of tea.

Our 1st week has been a combo of learning the ropes of what’s going to be our work routine and getting to know the folks we’ll be dancin’ with this summer.  The other camp host couple pulled in today (from New York state – drove over 3,000 miles).  There are 2 paid staff members, one came from Missouri and one lives right here in Whitefish.

But enough about the mundane everyday details…for in fact who cares??? !!!  ;-)

As I type, the movie “A River Runs Through It” is on, and I need to go watch it because I remember the first time I saw it I said to myself….WOW…I’d sure like to live in that fly fishing trout country someday.  

At the time, it was just a thought and I truly felt nothing I ever “wished for” would ever become a reality.  Things were what they were.  I existed in the world I was born into and could never leave because…well just because.  And I accepted it as reality.

Then bit by bit “reality” just didn’t measure up and I left it behind.

And now…as I type…I live only miles from where this classic movie was filmed. 
If only for 5 months, I am here.

I will scrub toilets, collect camping fees, balance a cash register and play PR for Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks but Hot Dang…I made it! 

Yeah…A River DOES run through it!

What runs through your dreams!?


  1. Loved reading what you shared about life and dreams, Becky. Yes, we are certainly all living it. And, IT is wonderful! Making progress with our blog... just posted today, and it all came together much better than before. Glad to stay in touch... enjoy the summer! Our best to you and Dave! Hugs, Dianne & Tom

  2. So nice to be "in touch" with you both Dianne!!! It's a delight to be "living the dream" with folks like you and Tom!!

    Hugs & Happy Travels