desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Site Number 8

Almost 5 weeks has passed since we left Arizona and 3 ½ weeks since we pulled into Whitefish, Montana.  Time flies but lately it’s been in extreme warp speed!  Yikes!
Already I’ve seen an amazing array of Americans, Canadians & Europeans roll through in their 5th wheels, travel trailers, tent campers, motor homes and every size and shape of tent imaginable.  

Each and every person has been a living testimony to the theory that travel feeds the Spirit and the outdoors satisfies a primal need that completes the human Soul.  

It’s a simple Truth, no more complicated than that.  

You can almost hear the harmony of pieces coming together and worries fading away when you sneak a peek of folks sitting around a crackling campfire.  Neither rain, snow or the early spring cold of Northern Montana dampens their moods or lessens the joys of “camping”!

A highlight of yesterday comes to mind that I’ll share and then sign off.

A small older compact car rolled in late yesterday afternoon while I was manning the check-in booth.  A young lady was in the driver’s seat, the car was packed to the gills with groceries, tent and other camping gear.  We went through the customary rig-a-ma-roll.  She told me she had a reservation, I confirmed it, gave her a tag to hang on her mirror showing she was registered and told her she was in site #8.  I noticed there was a girl child, perhaps 8 or 10 years old, among the camping paraphernalia in the back seat who was noticeably mentally and/or physically handicapped.  Her window was rolled down and she seemed to be listening intently to the conversation her mom and I were having.  Before her mom departed I asked the girl, “so you’re going camping huh”?  To which she replied, “YES!  We’re in site number 8…YAY!!!!”  The joy that radiated from this joyful child washed over me like a cool breeze on a blazing hot day.

What a gift I’ve been given to be a part of something that brings such joy to a child that likely faces challenges over and beyond my knowing.  

I am blessed beyond understanding and I am so very, very grateful.


  1. Good morning! Thanks for telling us about things there, and for sharing the story of the mom and daughter. Gifts! And, enjoyed your comments about Tom wearing out his prosthesis... it's one of the things I love about him, that nothing stops him from loving life and enjoying adventures. He is the most UN-handicapped person you will ever meet! Not sure if you knew his story... he was 23, working in a feed mill, and stepped into a grain auger. Don't think he has ever looked back or felt sorry for himself... life is to be lived and enjoyed! Love your quote, "Just "existing" is for sissies ... I choose to Live." That about sums it up! Take care... hugs to you both. Dianne & Tom (P.S. Tom wants to see some photos of Montana fish :)

  2. One photo of Montana fish coming up! Dave caught his first 2 earlier this week. More to come I'm sure!

    1. nice fish!!! enjoy the time there and maybe some day we can fish the same spot together. Tom

  3. that would me most excellent Tom!