desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Only one shopping day left 'til tomorrow

Yesterday was my 1st solo shopping extravaganza day!!!

It’s literally been months since I’ve surrendered to the urge to mindlessly strike out on my own and explore the land of retail, partly because of my ultra-conservative spending habits and also because my bucks were being better-spent on Hawaiian vacations and filling the Montana bound pick-up gas tank.  

I mindlessly explored the newest shopping center in Kalispell which includes a Costco, Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Ross, TJ Max, Natural Grocers, Pier 1, Bed, Bath & Beyond…and so forth.  

Not a Mecca of shopping variety but enough to satisfy my craving to bask in an afternoon of uninhibited female shopping lust.  

Imagine not having to stop at a Home Depot, Lowe’s, NAPA or Tobacco store????!!!!  It was almost more than I could comprehend.

My purchases included:  A RED tablecloth for our picnic table & a flower basket of hot pink petunias and yellow marigolds to set upon it.  One of those aromatherapy thingys with scented oil in a bottle and the wooden sticks that flail wildly from its top and a purdy wine-colored glass to stick it into for an added bit-o-pi-zazz.  4 solar lights to surround the bee-u-ti-ful tree in our front yard.  2 pairs of work-pants/jeans (both from the mens dept. cuz women’s jeans SUCK & if  you’re over a size 3 make you look like an old-fat lady in size 3 jeans).  And…various other mundane everyday necessities.

I could have continued well into the evening hours but my “don’t over-do-it side” Self won the battle & I staggered home with my purchases.  

I’ve already printed out a 20% off Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon in anticipation of my next excursion!

Shop On!!

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