desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer .... Oh Yeah!

Seems as though summer has finally found us!  

Blue skies and sunshine have prevailed for the most part for over a week now…thank goodness cuz I think my feet were becoming webbed!  

Busy, busy, busy!!!   Camp host volunteer days on Thurs., Fri., and Saturdays followed by internet work for me and a scattering of radio ads to write or voice in-between on volunteer days off to pay the bills.  AND….venturing out for sightseeing and Harley riding as often as we can.  WHEW!  Not much down time for us but wouldn’t be able to choose which activity to slack off on cuz they are all amazing, so busy we shall stay.

Last Saturday night was the 1st night we filled the campground to capacity and were able to put up the “camp full” sign!  Whoo-Hoo!  Don’t get anything special for this feat but it just felt so dang good to know things are rockin’ & rollin’ at Whitefish Lake State Park!  

Families, singles, old, young and everyone in-between roll in from Montana, Canada, Scotland, The Netherlands, Germany, South Dakota and every other corner of the world.  In motor homes, travel trailers, 5th wheels, pop up campers, pick-up campers, tents of every shape, size and form and yes some even sleep in their cars.  It’s amazing how many folks are just roaming the world enjoying life’s journey and what’s even more amazing none of them seem wealthy.  Just everyday folks who have figured out how to live the life they love on a budget and don’t just talk about “someday” but jump in the boiling pot & just DO IT!  Yay for them!

The forest around us has exploded into a green metropolis so thick and bountiful that the ground is literally a carpet of ferns, wild flowers and grasses.  Deer wander around like tame rabbits who barely raise their head when you walk by.  

We’ve ventured into Glacier National Park a couple of times and I won’t even begin on that because it’s a land of pure magic and enchantment that’s a full blog post or two all on its own.  Such unspoiled beauty in such massive amounts (over a million acres that stretch into Canada) that you wonder if you’re dreaming or if indeed such a place really exists.  I swear I saw shadows of leprechaun and fairies out of the corners of my eyes dancing through the mossy undergrowth, scampering across the mountain streams and swinging from pine to cedar like monkeys on a holiday as we hiked through the centuries-old forests but DANG couldn’t find that pot-o-gold to save my soul!

I must say…at the end of every day, especially when the campground is full or near full, the smell of campfires burning, the sounds of kids playing into the evening hours, the sight of people gathered together actually having real conversations and occasionally the faint guitar or fiddle tune that graces the night air does my heart good and restores my faith in a human race that for the most part seems lost, confused and doomed to self-destruction.

It’s comforting to witness and to remember that the best of Us are still among Us, we just have to look in the right places at the right times, share spaces for a bit and let the magic of the outdoors do it’s “thing”.  

No matter how “advanced” we are the call of the wild still beckons from time to time and those who remember to listen respond & are better for it.

Thank goodness.



  1. every evening we humans watch the news on tv and witness all the murder and mayhem. then we see the interaction in a campground like you write about and REALIZE!!!!!.......the news is all BS and that there is hope for the human race.the call of the wild will always have its place in the human heart.
    sounds like you guys are having a wonderful summer!! We are also. see you down the road somewhere. Tom

  2. Hey Tom,

    Yeah, Now-a-days the news is 50/50 at the best. I guess it's up to us to sift through the crap and knowing there are others sifting with us just feels better. ;-)
    Happy travels my friend!