desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Life's Whirlwinds

Summer’s evolved into a fast & furious sequence of planned and mostly unplanned events.

The campground has exploded into a summer marathon of campers, boaters, picnickers, bicyclists, bikers, hikers and every species of looney-tune character imaginable.  

Our “volunteer” duties have also evolved into being advisor, therapist, teacher, parent, tour guide, scheduler, juggler, nurse/doctor, traffic & animal control, toilet plunger specialists, rule enforcer, delivery service, baby sitter and like it or not, anything else that comes along.

The majority of the folks are awesome!  Easy to please and grateful for the services we provide…but now and again ya get those folks who just ain’t happy ‘bout nothin’!  

We have also been showered with curses, pummeled by criticism and if looks could kill we’d have all met our maker weeks ago.  

I’ve learned that if you travel during peak summer vacation months and don’t have the foresight to make reservations it’ s my fault when you stop and the campground is booked, not only for that night but for weeks in advance.    
My bad!   
Who knew I had such extensive powers???!!!   

On the flip side, many go out of their way to thank us for our hard work and for ensuring others stay within the boundaries of the “rules” so everyone’s stay is drama free.  After all, that’s why people come here, to get away from life’s everyday drama. 
On July 4th I even had someone who thanked us for working so others could enjoy the Holiday.  

Now it’s things like that you have to cling to when someone is reading you the riot act.  

Like most of life’s whirlwinds, ya just take from it what ya need & toss out the rest.

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  1. Hi there... we found this post particularly interesting after a month at a campground where some friends are the campground hosts near Durango. It could have been written by them, as the stories are similar. They are a sweet couple, their third year as hosts... one night recently during the fire ban, they had to ask three different camps to put out their fires. One man with two small children got SO angry and rude! Just after dark he left the campground, and they found six punctures in the right front tire of their pickup! Thank goodness the good outweighs the bad. We look forward to visiting with you down the road about your adventures. Take care... our best to you both. Dianne & Tom