desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lucy B - Ice Cream Diva

 Following is my all time favorite
Whitefish Lake State Park Experience
To Date:

Whitefish, Montana has an ice cream lady.  

She drives an old hot pink jeep through the campground randomly throughout the week selling ice cream novelties from a freezer tightly tucked into what was originally the back seat.  

“Lucy B” is painted boldly on the Jeep’s sides.  I’ve never asked if the driver’s name is Lucy or where the name came from.  

I shall put that on my “questions to ask before I leave Whitefish” list. 

Lucy B’s main pilot & I assume owner, is a cute petite blonde who is extremely chipper and fits one’s image of an ice cream lady.   (NOTE: the young lady in the picture above is a "helper" not the true "Lucy B")

Honestly, she looks more like a Heather or an April than a “Lucy”.

One particular hot July day while I was putting in my park host volunteer hours, I took a break to give Willy a much needed walk and as we approached the park’s picnic area the sound of Lucy B’s carousel-like music could be faintly heard.

The melody gradually became louder and she routinely pulled into the parking lot adjacent to the picnic area and immediately in front of the lake to sell her treats.

Out of the blue two boys approximately ages 11 and 5 raced (and I mean RACED) in front of Willy and I, almost knocking us over, hell-bent on catching up with the hot pink Jeep.  

The older boy whizzed by making a bee-line for the ice-cream-in-waiting but the younger sibling came to a complete stop in front of me, planted both feet, turned to face me, looked me squarely in the eye, threw both arms in the air and exclaimed, “I’VE ONLY DREMT OF SOMETHING LIKE THIS”!!!!!!!  

He immediately turned and traced the frenzied footsteps of his older brother.

I can honestly say I have NEVER witnessed such unbridled excitement and joy.

The power of simplicity knows no boundaries.  

I sincerely hope I never lose the awareness that allows me to embrace everyday simplicity with the same innocent passion as this child.

I cannot think of a greater gift than that.  

OR of a more excellent hot summer day experience than an ice cream courtesy of a hot pink Jeep and Lucy B....... 


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