desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Gettin' Road Ready

2 weeks from today we’ll be on the road after 4 ½ months of setting still.

The task of going through cabinets, closets and storage compartments has begun in order to re-arrange and/or throw away the extra baggage we’ve accumulated and actually we’ve done fairly well and haven’t added much to our traveling storage unit.  In fact, we’ve got lots of room to spare!

We haven’t settled on a route yet and will likely have a “plan A, B and C” to dodge extreme weather that could range from snow to blistering heat.  Ideally we can find a spot a day or two down the road and “be still” for 2-3 days without the interruption of inquisitive campers that has become our daily chore. 

It shall be a bittersweet parting.  

I’m very excited to be heading back home to AZ and reconnecting with friends, family and familiar places but on the other hand I will greatly miss our co-hosts, my daily dog-beach walks with Mr. Willy, the magnificent Northern Montana landscape and yes some of the locals who regularly walk, run, bicycle, camp and bring their boats in to launch.  Many know us by name, stop to chat or honk while passing by.  

What felt like a temporary home a few short months ago, has indeed evolved into a feeling of “belonging” and becoming  a permanent residence.  

A fine example of … it’s not the “where” that makes a home, it’s the people that surround & embrace you.

With all that being said, I think I’ll take some snapshots of everyday “stuff” today to post and share.

After all, I’m quite certain that the Whitefish, Montana memories that will rise to the top years from now will be those everyday experiences that don’t seem like much at the time but for some reason…..will be preserved with a crystal-clear clarity.

Funny how that works huh????  

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