desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Monday, September 9, 2013

It Just Doesn’t Matter

It’s 5:20 A.M. & I’ve been up since 3 A.M. trying to muddle through some internet work.  Most days work is available 24/7 but other times, like now, you have to catch it while you can in the wee hours of the morning and then later again in the afternoon.  Dislike being so attached to the computer all day long……but it is what it is.

This odd profession that I’ve been gifted with (“Internet Assessor” - don’t even ask what it is I do cuz it’s too difficult to explain and you wouldn’t even begin to understand it anyway) is a blessing and a curse.  Not my profession of choice because it’s tedious, extremely intense, involves mind numbing focus most of the time and requires a huge amount of self-discipline and perseverance and if it wasn’t for the independence it allows me I’d ditch it in a heartbeat.  

But alas, it’s been a god-send for almost 3 ½ years and keeps bringing in the trickle of income I need to stay one step ahead of the bill collectors &continue my RV gypsy journey.  

Any-hoo …. While waiting for more work to trickle in this A.M. I was surfing Facebook and the Prescott Courier (newspaper for non-AZ blog readers) & stumbled across news of a long ago friend’s loss of her aging dog and the untimely death of a Crown King resident and casual acquaintance.  

As I sit here in my luxurious comfy RV home, my almost 14-year-old puppy in his bed at my side, Dave a few short steps away sound asleep, all my closest friends and immediate family are safe and healthy, I can’t help but be super aware of my blessings and how precious it is to live in the “now” because perfect snapshots of time do fade away as time passes….and time does pass so quickly.  

Now the tedium of the job that financially sustains me doesn’t see quite so bad does it?

In fact it just doesn’t matter at all …. As most of the inconveniences that will surface today.

Hug those people and pets you love today.

Never postpone a dream you could be living today, whether it’s becoming an RV bum like me or just learning to dance.  

Life won’t wait for you to catch up…….


  1. Well said, and nice to see your photo :). Best wishes to you and Dave as you take a well-deserved vacation!