desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

EKKKKKK!!! First Full Day In Catalina State Park

Following is an email I sent to a friend back in good 'ole Whitefish, Montana today.  
"Real Life" follows you no matter where you roam!

Yikes!  Things went from feelin' "in control" to chaos on steroids!  ;-)

Got up EARLY (3 AM) yesterday ready to get my internet job crap off my daily schedule and my frickin' computer wouldn't boot up.  The screen stayed totally blank, no message, no blue screen of death or anything!!  A laptop usually only lasts me 2-3 years and I was due for a crash but gosh dang place, new volunteer position, new people to figure out and my source of income goes crap-o! 

To top it off, I had written a ton of brochure copy for a client over the weekend with the intent of sending it to him Monday and now I couldn't get to it and if I couldn't figure out how to at least get my 'puter to wake up, I'd have lost all of it and would have to start all over again.  Of course, who backs up every day?  NOT me!

As I'm trying to keep from freaking out and aligning my coping skills as best I can, I have Dave start up his laptop so I can get to my email because I had emailed part of the brochure copy to my client and I'm hoping it's still in my "sent" folder.  It's there!  I copy it on a flash drive and breathe a small sigh of relief.  While I'm on-line I do a search for the type of issue my computer is having and dang if I didn't find a forum discussion about others having the same issue.

Seems as though over time a solder point on a hard drive can form a micro crack and prevent circuits from "talking" to each other and hence the computer can't start properly.  AND...a guy describes how to perform a temporary "blanket fix" to start the computer so you can at least make back ups of the things you want to transfer before it rolls over and dies permanently.  He says with the computer on (even though the monitor is blank)  literally wrap it in a blanket (blanket fix...get it????!!!) leave it for an hour and then try to re-boot.  Theoretically it heats up the hard drive, expands the micro crack so there is enough contact to complete the start up sequence.  What have I got to lose right??? Note:  As Dave watches me do this I know he's looking up mental institutions in the Tucson area that may have room for a looney going through computer withdrawals.  Do you suppose there is a 12-step program for THAT?

Any-hoo .... I go about gathering flash drives for doing backups and other such positive tasks in anticipation of this bazaar method of revival being successful.  At this point if chanting nursery rhymes over my blankie-wrapped-computer while standing on one leg with my arms above my head spinning in circles would have fixed it...I'd have been doing it!  Desperation is so unattractive and humiliating isn't it? 

An hour ticks by....I slowly unwrap my wounded Samsung, push the start button.  Whiz-Bang the sucker starts up like a newborn!  Hot dang and call me loopy but don't knock it til you've tried it!!!! make a very, very, very long story short.  I fill multiple flash drives with pictures, scripts, invoices, radio commercials, software copies, get 3 hours of "paying work" done, push myself away from the keyboard, go to the shopping center across the street on a new laptop search and seek mission. Followed by wandering aimlessly around Tucson with Dave for a few hours and finally late in the afternoon, with head held high and my big-girl iron clad panties in place march back to Best Buy and make a purchase , using the 0% interest til October 2014 Discover card offer I received in the mail last week.  Sometimes timing scares the living shit out of me!

I then spend hours sifting through Windows 8 and with some help from Dave who just bought a windows 8 tablet a few weeks back, begin transferring info from old to new.  My anti-virus software will not transfer to windows 8, I call and get tech support, the tech is awesome and after about an hour we get 'er done!  With only 2 software downloads to figure out (Office 2007 & my audio recording Cool Edit program) I call it quits about 11 PM.  Both programs are old, outdated and battles I'll fight another day. 

Both Dave & Willy have been in slumber la-la land for about an hour.

Being very stealth-like I quietly invade the freezer and proceed to dig into a container of ultimate chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate ice cream and treat myself to a dinner of compete delight!

A just reward for such a trial & error day don't you think???

Today I've breezed through my desired hours of work, taken a few walks with Mr. Willy and plan on going across the street and purchasing more chocolate ice cream.

Thurs. we begin learning what our volunteer duties will actually entail so in the meantime .... I'm goin with the flow and enjoying the 80+ degree days and 50 degree nights...

And that's all I have to say about that.... ;-)


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