desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Cup Runneth Over With Thanks!

 The average rainfall here is a tad under 11 inches a year.

3 of those 11 came down last Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

We’re still shy about 3 inches of that 11 inch average.

For those of you who live in moisture-rich areas I know it’s hard to imagine so little. 

I still marvel at the desert vegetation and wildlife that has learned to live on such a small amount of life sustaining H2O.

Adaptation rules in the desert making that which otherwise seems impossible….possible. 
Mother Nature seems to have it down to a fine-tuned Art.  

Adapt and overcome is Her mantra.  

Cactus store the scarce liquid gold, become fat and sassy savoring each and every drop only using what’s needed to survive and eventually bursting into magnificent bloom that seems very unfitting for such a prickly, grouchy looking plant!

Critters from tiny lizards and rattlers to big horn sheep, jack rabbits and desert tortoises are graced with more shade and food as vegetation spurts new growth.  

I am so in awe of the workings of this sparse Land.  

How it waits so patiently for that which sustains it and then rejoices with unabashed joy when that which keeps it alive finally arrives.

I wish I were so attuned to the wait, receive and rejoice I see here.  

Of course it’s the “wait” that gets me every time.  Patience is indeed a virtue that’s easier talked about then practiced.  

Imagine what would happen if the desert used up Her 3 inches of rain in 3 days instead of using only what’s needed to get through until the next rainfall payday.  


 I’ll “try” to keep this in mind as I prepare to stuff myself beyond reasonable comfort today!

Have a bountiful Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. each Cactus has a personality of it's own. Love to see every type.