desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Sunday, December 1, 2013

365 Days

A year ago at this time we were “homeless”.

A whole gosh-darned year!!!!  Unbelievable!

The house sold fast & furious and literally on a hope and a prayer we struck out looking for a home on wheels.

It’s exhausting just to think about it now but determination seems to come with an abundance of extra energy that gets us through that which would otherwise knock us to our knees. 

Thanks to Dave’s internet shopping skills we rolled up to what would become “home” the 1st day out.  

Pieces of our RV future began falling into place and a few days later a whole new life chapter began.

So, what’s been the best and the worst of it?

The learning curve has probably been the worst of it and most of that has fallen of Dave’s shoulders.  Our “beast” is a complicated machine (even though it’s going on 10 years old) that likely has more electronic hoo-haw then the rocket that took our astronauts to the moon in 1969.  

For me the worst part has been juggling my internet job hours with travel hours with volunteer hours and still having time left over for a Harley ride and/or other “fun stuff”.  There are NEVER enough hours in a day.  

So what’s been the best of it?

Without a doubt the ability to say…”let’s spend the summer in Montana!” or “let’s spend the winter in Southern Arizona!”  Then find a park that’s willing to put up with us for a few months in exchange for a parkin’ place and there ya’ go, life’s good!

Then of course, it’s the people you meet along the way.  Folks like us who want to kick the butt of convention while we still have the “kick” in us.  Pioneers of the road always looking beyond the horizon to that next brilliant energy-gifting sunrise & mostly unplanned adventure.

I was once told that if I didn’t have a “plan” I should have just stayed home…..

Well, I kind of have a plan and I kind of don’t, but either way now I’ll always be “home”…..


  1. So fun to read of your first year out... congratulations! And, as fellow travelers, it's cool to relate and understand. Keep on kickin' butt... we're right there with you having these great adventures while always at home! Hugs, D & T

  2. Happy anniversary on your first year. The second one is going to be a double kick, I am sure.

  3. I KNEW you'd "get it" D & T!

    THANKS Nan!